5 trends of accessories of summer 2018

It is important for each girl to look fashionable and stylish. And it does not matter if you want to look like the best connoisseur of fashion trends or just watch the changes in the fashion industry, the below described accessories will help you to be the brightest girl in the company.

Massive earrings

Especially popular recently are long or large earrings, which are easy to emphasize the special chic attire. Such popular brands as Gucci and Dior did not miss this trend, so do not forget about him and you! However, do not overdo it in pursuit of fashion. It is not at all necessary to select too noticeable and eye-catching models. It is enough to limit ourselves to something that is rather original. Especially fashionable and brightly look in combination with the hair pulled up.


Pearl jewelry from time immemorial attracted girls and women of different ages. Not lost the pearl of relevance and now, on the contrary, has become a real fashion trend of this season. Perfectly with everyday clothes there will be any decorations of this direction.


Fashion for brooches is back! Form an entire image from small brooches or wear one, but a large one. In any case, this accessory should be the most noticeable!

Chains and Brushes

These elements in accessories do not lose their relevance. It's enough just to choose one ornament with brushes or chain, and you are already in a trend! It is interesting to combine the above presented fashion trends, and always look stylish and bright!

Short chains "under the neck"

These tight-fitting necklaces became popular not so long ago, but firmly "settled" among important accessories for fashionable and bright bows. Pay attention to the models of this direction in online stores, they will help make your image special and original.

And what is your favorite trend of the season?
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