How to choose earrings for your face shape?

Where are we, women without earrings? In the box of every fashionista, there are probably several dozen of them. But how often do we think about which earrings best fit our face shape. After correctly selecting this accessory, you can correct the lines of the face and submit yourself in the most favorable light.

Oval face

For this type of face structure, the best option is earrings in the form of hoops or large multi-faceted ornaments. Do not choose narrow or elongated jewelry or long pendants, because they will only stretch their face even more. If you have a short haircut, then a pair of earrings with large stones or imitation is what you need!

Triangular face

The owners of a triangular face have broad cheekbones and a rather narrow chin, so these girls should stop their choice on round medium-sized earrings. Also, oval ornaments that make facial features softer will also look good. But tapering to the end, sharp earrings should be avoided.

Round face

On chubby girls ideally look large pendants that visually make the face more elongated. When buying the next earrings, give preference to the form of an "inverted triangle", see for yourself how it will refresh your face. But from miniature earrings in the shape of an oval or a circle it is better to leave aside.

Square face

For this type of appearance is best fit flat long earrings or a combined version of a carnation with a suspension that neatly frames the face. But small round earrings or triangles will not do you good, because they simply will not be in harmony with the shape of the face. Choose earrings wisely, but remember that the most important adornment of every lady is invariably, of course, a sincere smile and shining eyes.

Let's conduct a study: write in the comments, what is your type of face?
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