How can a woman gain financial freedom?

Where to begin? Many women who want to gain financial independence, this question is so stymied that they are further away in their thoughts and do not move. Let's turn to the tactics of specialists in selecting effective business solutions for different companies. Their answer is obvious: to analyze the available options. Therefore, this is the first thing you have to do on your own or with your partner when you have a desire to gain financial independence.

So, what do we have?

1) Wage labor

So yourself option, to be honest. Yes, and with the concept of freedom and independence is weakly associated. At best, you can ask someone to arrange you for a good salary, but this means working from 8 to 20, vacation once a year (which still needs to be agreed), lack of flexibility and opportunities for traveling with the family.

2) Personal file

Not a bad option, but if you get sick - everything stops. In addition, 95% of businesses do not bring income in the first year. Yes, and involve a lot of spending on rent, equipment, staff.

3) Network business

We admit, initially many are not fans of this idea. No one would like to want with bags and something vtyuhivat. But if you understand, it turns out that this is a stereotype. In the network business you can earn nothing by selling and not offering, and building your system. The main thing is to ignite this idea, to learn and improve your qualifications.

And which option do you prefer? Write in the comments and share the experience!
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