What books to read to girls who want to earn more

I want to increase income, but do not know where to start? Start with these 5 books from the meters of business, apply the advice in practice, and the result will not be long in coming. After all, as they say, if you want to learn something, you have to learn from the best.

Gates. "Business with the speed of thought"

Microsoft founder Bill Gates knows exactly what is necessary for a modern successful business. Any business should have a developed electronic nervous system that will allow the company to keep pace with modern technologies and keep the leading positions in the business world. Gates says that modern business is a system whose main key is the use of information technology.

Covey. "Seven Skills of Highly Effective People"

At the heart of it is the systematization of the person's life values ​​and goals set by him. Covey Stephen will help to open his potential and determine the chosen tasks. And most importantly - to start acting, making every effort.

Download the book "Seven Skills of Highly Effective People"

Kiyosaki. "Rich dad, poor dad"

Kiyosaki helped many beginning entrepreneurs in choosing their path, telling their own history of business development. "Rich dad, poor dad" still inspires millions of people to create their own business. Here answers to the most important questions: - how to manage finances competently - where to start acting? - where to get new ideas for business development? - How to prioritize correctly? The book motivates to make the main step in life - financial independence along the right path.

Download the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"

Rand. "Atlas Shrugged"

A business bible for an entrepreneur is Rand's book "Atlas stretched his shoulders." Despite enough artistic name, the book does not have a place for "water". It measures the world outlook, gives an idea of ​​the world, answers questions about the meaning of life and the importance of entrepreneurship for society and the world. This is not advice on how to achieve success, it is the formation of yourself as a person in general and a person in society.

Download the book "Atlas squared his shoulders"

Mann. "Marketing without a budget. 50 working tools »

Entrepreneurs in the majority do not know what they are doing, how to develop the business, if there is no budget. However, his absence is not the end of the world, and there is an opportunity to build the right advertising company in this way. Mann's book gives precise examples of how you can do marketing without money or with minimal funds. The author shows completely free tools for business promotion, which are little known, but highly effective.

Download the book "Marketing without a budget. 50 working tools »

And what are the useful books about finance you know? Write in the comments!
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