How good to be able to read!

The issue of the "reading catastrophe" among the adult population is increasingly raised in various media. However, not only we, adults, have become less likely to buy books, update their home libraries, and follow novelties of literature. According to international studies of teachers, our children also lose interest in the printed word.

All children love fairy tales

I remember the first time I began to read. For me it was such a significant event (and it remains the same) that I remembered well how I could put letters in syllables, and them into whole words. And then the lines ran after the lines, the book after the book, one amazing book world after another. The first book I have read so far is kept by me. Have already read the son of the fairy tale from her pages, and she waits for him to be able to fold the letters in it into amazing fairy tales. But my son is six years old, and he could not master the art of reading, although I and my husband at that time already read. At home we have a large library, we read books with our husband, we go to book collapses and to modern shops. We also read fairy tales and stories to our son, and if during the day we can not make it, then for the night is necessary - this is our ritual. We always discuss what we read and understand the essence, we dig to the bottom, we try to understand the moral of what we read. But my son can not learn to read. I was interested. Maybe it's not just my problem, maybe someone else ran into it and knows some way to solve it? In fact, it turned out that there is a lot of information on this issue. In articles of newspapers and on the Internet flashes - "children do not read," "clip-consciousness," "the Internet has replaced libraries." And much more.

We'll go the other way - we'll sort everything out in order

To begin with, all children initially love fairy tales. They ask them to tell them at night, read, watch the adaptation of the fairy tale on TV or on the computer. So why do not our parents stop being lazy? What should we read every night to the child little by little, preserving the intrigue at the end, luring the child into the wonderful world created in the book? Of course, it's easier to include a cartoon or a transfer recorded on a flash drive, where tales are told. But children often copy the behavior of adults, which means they see that adults do not read, so we do not need anything. I recently read a story. One mommy at a forum dedicated to the education of children, told how at her parents' meeting at school her son was praised for good reading technique. After the meeting, other mothers literally surrounded her with notebooks at the ready. They had one question at all: "How did you get the child to read?" ? "The girl was in turmoil, she did not force her son to read, therefore, how to do it to other mothers, could not advise. She only told them how in the evenings she and her husband are reading what an extensive library they have already gathered, that the book in their house is not a novelty and reading in them is quite common. Undoubtedly, in this situation, the child also has an interest in reading a new book, which means that the speed of reading increases. This story shows us - we need to start with ourselves, and children will follow suit.

Internet vs Books

Today, many people write and say that the Internet lures children into their pools, that they lose interest in reading. However, I do not quite agree with these statements. First, to use the Internet, a child must be able to read and write. Secondly, since the mass distribution of television, there has been a decline in the number of people reading. And thirdly, with the right use of the Internet, one can only develop the love of reading in our children, but about everything in order. How many sociologists would not say that children have stopped reading, teachers will still say - all children can read. But do they read for themselves? Do they have a desire to read a new book? In fact, all individually. Before the advent of the Internet and even television, there were also people who did not like to read. Then the television stole some more from the reading population, and it is commonly believed that the Internet also "stole" the part. But this is not so! On the Internet you have to read constantly! And if the child immediately shows that with the help of the global network, you can not only watch the vidos and play, the child will be able to find novelties of modern literature, to get access to those books that are not in bookstores. By the way about the last - did you see how much books cost? It is cheaper to pay for the Internet month than buy one, and the bestseller will cover payment of two to three months of unlimited use of the network. Here libraries, especially in small towns, have suffered from the appearance of the Internet. The number of readers has decreased significantly. If new literature appears in the local library, then they are in a single copy, in a reading room or in a paid subscription. But more often new products simply do not exist. And as the survey of sociologists showed, only one person in ten chooses the classics and Russian poetry. It's good that many libraries have also rebuilt - they began organizing interesting evenings, meetings, holidays. That is, they began to attract readers (such are the current realities in the world, filled with advertising and competition). The libraries have rebuilt, but some people do not, so there are disputes around books and the Internet.

Why do not they read it?

So why do not children read? During the writing of this material, I found not one reason, but a whole range of problems that have become an obstacle between a person and a book. For myself, I also made certain conclusions. I just accepted that my child is just a new generation, they do not have to learn to read early to entertain themselves or learn something new, they have other possibilities that were not available, for example, me at his age. They have computers and the Internet is almost freely available, but with skillful handling of modern technologies, they do not interfere with the development of the child, and sometimes vice versa, even in such matters as reading and love of books. So I downloaded a development game on the tablet that helped to learn the basics of reading, bought a new book on book collapse, and continue to inculcate my son with love for the wonderful world of literature, because you can satisfy the need for reading through the Internet and thanks to libraries, why limit yourself to something, then one? And my son will read by himself, like all the other children, I just need to show him how to read well.
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