To itself the cosmetician. Effective wraps

Years go by, the world is changing. Over time, and change the notion of beauty. And it's not just about clothes and hairstyles, but also in body volumes. If in the time of Rubens voluminous, appetizing bodies were considered the standard of female attractiveness, in modern times the rules changed. Pyshki with steep hips, voluminous stomachs and knobby hamsters no longer "rule the ball", and cellulite, making their priests so bumpy - is recognized as the worst enemy of every woman. Of course, you can start solving the problem cardinally - on the surgeon's desk, but there is also a more gentle way to combat such an enemy as cellulite - Wrap.

How it works

Salon or home, hot or cold, passive or active - all these are wraps. They are rightfully considered one of the most effective means to get rid of cellulite and extra centimeters. Essentially, wraps are compresses using various drugs for a deep and long-lasting impact on our problem areas. What does the wrapping do with our body:
  • It dissolves cellulite plaques,
  • Restores skin tone,
  • Returns to our skin integuments elasticity and smoothness,
  • Displays excess fluid, which means it removes excess centimeters,
  • Displays toxins,
  • Activates blood circulation.
As we see - wraps give a wide range of positive effects. Experts say that if these procedures are performed correctly, you can get rid of a few centimeters after each session! The main purpose of wraps is lymphatic drainage, which means we should not forget that fat, which is not completely hated by us, is left, but only an extra liquid. It is worth remembering this nuance, if you only hold a course of wraps, without backing it with proper nutrition and exercises, then soon all these victorious centimeters will return. Also with wraps, massage is well combined, using this tandem you can get to subcutaneous fat.

Cold? Hot?

As already mentioned above - there are many types of wraps. Before starting a complex, it is worthwhile to figure out which of the species suits you most. For example, hot wraps create the effect of a sauna. In this case, the vessels in the areas of exposure expand, blood circulation increases, and as a consequence - the volumes decrease. As for cold wraps, they narrow the vessels and restore skin tone. After such procedures, the skin becomes smooth and renewed. Cold wraps have another positive effect. They perfectly affect the tone of the veins during stasis in the lower limbs. After the procedure, there is considerable ease in the legs. Both types of wraps stimulate blood circulation, increase the elasticity of the skin, and also help in dealing with problem areas on our beautiful bodies.


Since the wraps use various active substances, including plant origin. One of the most dangerous consequences can be a reactive allergic reaction, as the wrapping affects a significant part of the body. Therefore, it is reasonable to check the reaction of your body to the composition of the mass for wrapping. In the case of finished compounds, simply apply a small amount of mass to the elbow fold. If you find redness or feel itching - never use this compound. If you make the composition yourself, mix a small amount and follow the procedure described above. Another contraindication for wraps is varicose veins. In this case, hot wrapping will be dangerous for you. But with gynecological, cardiovascular diseases and pregnancy, any types of wraps around the abdomen are contraindicated.

Rejoice yourself and your body!

To itself the cosmetician

We can not always afford a whole cycle of wraps in the cabin. But it's not a problem! You can also conduct a similar procedure at home. It is not difficult and does not require special equipment or skills. You will only need a wide food film, the remedy that you will be applying, a warm blanket and, of course, the desire to change yourself for the better. Before beginning wrapping, you need to clean the skin with a scrub, and you can do self-massage. After that, apply the product to the problem areas of the body - a thick layer. After that, wrap them with a film - from the bottom up. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it and do not tighten the film tightly so as not to disturb the blood circulation. Wrap up in a warm blanket and rest. By the way this kind of wrap is called passive. When active, instead of a rug you wear sports pants and perform exercises. Naturally, the means for these types of wraps differ in composition.

Before wrapping, use a scrub.

Usually wrapping procedure lasts 30-40 minutes. Do not increase the time, as this can do you harm, for example, under the film you begin to sweat, and with it toxins go out. If the film is not removed in time, then everything will be absorbed back into the skin. And This is only one of the negative consequences. Do not torment yourself if the product burns heavily, or you feel bad during the procedure. The procedure field, remove the product from the skin, and apply an anti-cellulite cream. For home wraps can be used as purchased - ready-made products, as well as mass produced independently. In the pharmacy you can buy laminaria, clay in the form of powder or thermogels. Be sure to read the instructions for use and composition carefully. Also for home wraps you can prepare yourself a variety of compositions. We offer you several effective recipes.

Use only quality and proven products.

Oil for wrapping

One of the simplest recipes of mass for wrapping is mixed from oils. In 20 ml of olive oil, add a few drops of flavor oil. Essential oils of juniper, citrus and cinnamon - also contribute to burning of subcutaneous fat, they can be mixed with honey - you will get a wonderful composition for wrapping, after which the skin will become soft and silky.

Green tea

This wrap has a rejuvenating and strengthening effect. Wraps with this kind of tea seem to awaken your skin. First, you have to chop the green tea into powder, then pour five tablespoons of tea with boiling water, so that you get a gruel. Add honey to it. Stir well and add half a teaspoon of cinnamon. The mixture is applied in a warm form, and this type of wrapping is offered as a passive one - so you will have a rug and a favorite book.


This wrap is recognized as one of the most effective and popular. To prepare the mass, you will need coffee grounds or ground coffee. Also need white clay, which must be diluted with water to a mushy state, and then heated. Mix the coffee grounds with milk and mix all the ingredients. This wrap is also applied in a warm form, and instead of clay, use honey. If you regularly use this type of wrap, you can get a very good result. Wraps are very cool and useful thing. After them you will feel refreshed and enfeebled. But do not forget that some wraps will not make you slim, fit and healthy. It is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, observe the regime of the day and abstain from bad habits. Every harmful roll, every sip of alcohol, lack of sleep and experiences are reflected on our body. Capital truths - you tell me - they will not surprise anyone! And you try!
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