Developing the memory of children

It's no secret that the success of schooling to a large extent depends on the degree of development of cognitive abilities, among which the key role is played by memory.

To help the child become more attentive and smart, the proposed exercise games will be a good help for the parents of future smart and clever people.

Toys from kinder-surprise

Children of any age like to play with them. These games are unobtrusive, but productive. Differ in the richness of options.
  • "In their place." We will show the child a number of toys for memorization. Then he turns away, and the adult swaps two objects. The kid determines the substitution.
  • "What's gone?" ". From the row, one of the toys is removed, and the child determines from what place and what went away.
  • "What is superfluous? ". The reverse game for the previous one: the adult substitutes the "outside" toy, and the kid determines where and what appeared.

Playing with what is at hand

  1. Small items that are well known to the kid, we put on the table (for example, buttons, clips, pins, buttons, eraser, door key, mobile phone, teaspoon, small toy, pencil). We give him time to memorize objects, and then we close with a napkin. The child says that he remembered things.
  2. Draw schematically matches (hedgehog, a person's face, the sun, a flag, a house, a boat). We give time for memorization, and then we cover and ask to reproduce.
  3. Exam on your favorite cartoon (for example, on the series "Smeshariki", "Masha and the Bear"). The survey is conducted on the basis of both visual memory and prudence.
  4. Help of mechanical memory (how easier and faster to learn poetry?). Make the process of memorizing fun and creative: sketch the lines of the verse schematically. The child himself can come up with various sketches of words and phrases that help him remember the memorized.
  5. "Little Sherlock Holmes." Present a card with painted objects to the child. Then - a story picture, which has all the items presented, and the kid is trying to find these items.
  6. "We read and remember the route sheet." The child selects a route by drawing lots for his favorite wheelbarrow and sets off on the road, following the route specified in the sheet.

Memory training in primary school children

The absence of systematic loads and training is a significant stress for mental processes. Help to correct the situation of finger exercises gymnastics:
  • Alternately, within 20 seconds, rub the thumbs of both hands.
  • "Fist Hand": changing the positions of the hands with a gradual increase in speed. Both hands are upright, leaning on the table with their elbows. The palm of the left hand clenched into a fist, and the palm of the right one "looks" at her fingers. Then change the position of the hands.
  • The same, but through cotton.
  • "Ear-nose" - alternate hands with acceleration.
  • The same, through cotton.
  • "Okay - to the peak" - by analogy with the previous ones.

Games for children 5-6 years old

  1. "Attentive photographer" (photographic memory). To show the child a painted portrait of a fairy-tale character in color. He must remember and paint the colorless portrait in exactly the same way as the sample presented.
  2. "Remember and draw." On the checkered paper is given a painted colored figure (any), then covered. The child must repeat it on his own, observing the correct dimensions.
  3. "Geometric Town". The kid studies the pattern, counting and memorizing the number of circles, triangles and rectangles. We close the picture, and the child remembers, according to how many and which figures are depicted here.
  4. "Letters and numbers." The kid is offered letters and figures drawn on one sheet. Close the image, and he calls the letters and numbers.
  5. "Hearing and memory." The child listens to the poem and tries to remember it and repeat it. For memorizing simple simple verses - 4 or 8 lines are taken.
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