Countdown went: to become happy in 45 days

Now is an amazing time, because we are more and more learning about the brain. And today you can learn to use it in a new way, in your favor. It's not for nothing that they say that everything is in our hands. Competent "development" of hormones will create a sense of happiness, which will also increase your self-esteem. The formation of the habit of being happy is enough for 45 days.

Praise yourself for success

Even a small victory over yourself should be celebrated. No, do not do this by eating an appetizing cheesecake. Analyze the situation, your actions and draw conclusions. As a rule, you will understand that you were able to overstep somewhere through your fears, and somewhere to show your character. This celebration of small successes stimulates the production of dopamine - a pleasure hormone . And the more often it happens, the happier you feel. Also learn to enjoy the very process of moving towards the goal. Accustom yourself every evening to sum up the work done. Internal satisfaction is much more important than external encouragement. Imagine that you are now carrying a victory every day. Why not enjoy it? Do not be shy to praise yourself for small successes. Positive emotions are very important in this process. Imagine that this is a spark. And if every day you "produce" such sparks, you will soon become a real spark plug. Do not stop and always look for reasons for approving yourself. The ability to rejoice in small achievements is a valuable skill. Remember that you should not strive to gain the upper hand over someone. Celebrate not someone's defeat, but your victory.

Ten minutes for joy

To move to the goal does not take much time or money. It's enough 10 minutes a day to feel the pleasure of approaching the desired one. During this time, you can have time to collect the necessary information, analyze it, systematize it to realize the dream. Do not be surprised if, during the search process, you realize that the goal has changed somewhat. This is normal. In addition, you can even understand that what you want will not make you happy. But you quickly navigate and choose the right course direction. If you have more than 10 minutes, it's fine, so you can find your way to happiness faster.

Fill your dreams

Take time for concrete action. Clearly determine what you want and do not count on the help of others. Get used to practical reality. The habit of moving forward is formed with hard work for 45 days. If at first glance it seems that you do not have 10 minutes to realize a dream, then think, how much time do you give to empty dreams or thoughtless socialization on social networks? With every step you take, you will feel the work of dopamine . You immediately want to feel it again and again. And you will understand that with regular efforts the goal quickly turns into reality.

After allotted time to search or analyze information, do not forget to return to real life. After all, here we have many unresolved issues on work, at home, and personal relationships. Hateful tasks also need to be addressed. Highlight and for a while and the problem will come to a logical decision, whether it's trash in the closet or a quarrel with an old girlfriend.

Remember, just 10 minutes, for 45 days, will be an effective trainer of your thoughts and actions towards the cherished goal. During this time, you will gain a sense of inner comfort and begin to appreciate every moment.
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