How to quickly learn a foreign language?

At once an honest warning: it is impossible to learn a language in one week or one month. Everything has its time. Here you will find a couple of tricks, how to learn a language at a fast pace and with a noticeable result, but it's easy and pleasant.

Find out how the language works

Do not immediately rush to learn unknown words. Look for information about which family the language belongs to. On which he relies in the construction.

For example, in German words are built by adding other words. "Kinderwagen" literally - "children trolley." Kinder - children, Wagen - trolley. Together we get a "stroller".

If you understand this, then it becomes easier for you to intuitively grasp the meanings of new words.

Put yourself in the language environment

You do not need to collect things and move to another country. Surround yourself with literature / cinema / communication in the language that you are going to teach.

Are you fond of design / architecture / cars? Find on the Internet foreign magazines on this topic. Do not read the boring texts "London is the capital of Great Britain". Read what you are interested in.

Language clubs have emerged and are actively developing. At meetings they play table games, discuss books, share personal experiences. Everything is in a foreign language.

If you attend meetings three times a week - this will be enough to train your hearing and speaking.

Memorize new vocabulary as a child

Love movies? See them in the original with non-Russian subtitles. Do not know one word, but understand the meaning of the whole sentence? Do not rush to translate. Note in which situation the word you met. Remember its meaning, not the translation through this situation.

He teaches his native language from scratch when he is a newborn. Vocabulary is developed by imitating the reactions of parents. Therefore, the fastest and most convenient way to learn a foreign language is to learn it the way you learned your native language.

Share it in your own ways to learn another language. And good luck!
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