Coconut oil: how to use for hair?

Do you prefer to use natural remedies in hair care? Then you will definitely like coconut oil. It contains many useful micronutrients that help hair to shine and silky. Cosmetics stores are now very diverse. But how many hair products can be found that have a completely natural composition? Coconut oil is one of the few affordable beauty products that combine naturalness and efficiency. It is believed that the first to use this oil to maintain their own beauty began the inhabitants of ancient Egypt.

Beneficial features

The effect of coconut oil on hair is easily explained by its composition. Lauric acid has made it an excellent antiseptic, and hyaluronic acid has made it possible to establish itself as a source of moisturizing for overdried strands. Also in this elixir of beauty are vitamins A and C. They penetrate into the structure of the hair and promote its speedy recovery, which is especially important for those who often use a hairdryer and a curling iron. With regular use, the curls become shiny and elastic, their ability to withstand the negative environmental factors significantly increases.

How to choose coconut oil?

It should be noted that the sale is found both refined and unrefined coconut oil. The latter is valued higher, since it has more useful components in its composition. The production of unrefined coconut oil is quite expensive, since it is produced by cold pressing. On the label must be present information about the variety of oil, but if you do not rush to trust her, pay attention to the color of the product. Refined oil is almost transparent, unrefined has a yellowish tinge.

How to store?

Do not leave a jar of coconut oil in direct sunlight. It should be put in a dark place and make sure that the temperature in the room does not rise above 18 ° C. However, the best place to store coconut oil is a refrigerator. There is maintained the optimum temperature for him and the only thing you will need to monitor is the tightness of the bottle.

How to use it correctly?

Oil can be used not only as an independent beauty product, it can supplement with its action shampoo. Before use, melt a couple of spoons of oil. Note that it becomes liquid at a temperature of 24 ° C. Apply the liquid along the entire length, only a little deviating from the roots of the hair. Particular care must be taken to the tips. The next 2 hours you need to wrap your head with a towel. Then the oil can be washed off the hair with a shampoo. Use additional balm is not required, since the oil has a natural conditioning effect. Also, coconut oil makes it easier to comb. You just need to drop a few drops on the comb and walk it through the hair, avoiding the root area.

The only restriction on the use of coconut oil may be an individual intolerance. In other cases it will help to improve the appearance of the curls.
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