How to save on purchases in online stores?

Online shopping is becoming more commonplace for a modern person. However, spontaneous purchases can break a serious gap in the family budget. To avoid this, you should learn how to save in online stores now. After all, there are many opportunities to make purchases more profitable for themselves.

Psychological factor

Quite a lot of shopping in online stores is done under the influence of emotions. What causes this? Of course, marketing tricks. Such words as "discount", "sale" and "limited offer" acquire a magical effect, which prompts the user to place an order. They motivate to make even those acquisitions that you do not need for objective reasons, instilling confidence that you made the right choice and "managed" to take advantage of the profitable stock of the store. An effective way to avoid reckless spending is to mark the goods as you like, but to postpone the purchase even for a couple of days. Give yourself time to think if you really need these things. It is possible that when you return to viewing these pages in a few days, the goods will seem to you not so attractive as they seemed before.

Price comparison

In order to make a truly profitable purchase on the Internet, you need to compare the price level in different online stores. This can be done with the help of special shopping services (Yandex. Market, TheFind and others). In this case, it is important to take into account not only the cost of the goods themselves, but all costs associated with its purchase (for example, paid delivery).

Coupons and promotional codes

To increase the level of sales, online stores arrange promotions using coupons or promotional codes that provide the buyer a discount. In order to become the owner of such a discount, it is not necessary to follow the updates in the store. Information about promotional codes is public, you can find it on the pages of partner sites or in thematic communities on social networks. Please note that such coupons have a limited period of validity and can only apply to certain categories of goods, and not the whole range.

E-mailing list

If you repeatedly make purchases in the online store and plan to continue to make orders in the future, it makes sense to subscribe to the newsletter. It is in these letters that stores inform customers about the current discounts and special offers.

Loyalty programs

Many online stores have a loyalty program that encourages regular customers through bonus points that can be exchanged for a discount when making future orders. Also, the store can encourage buyer bonuses for feedback on purchased products, participation in ongoing surveys and other activities.

Joint purchases

One of the significant disadvantages of shopping on the Internet is paid delivery. The minimum order amount for delivery to be free can be quite high. Experienced shopaholics for this case came up with a solution like joint purchases. Find among people you know who are also going to place an order in the online store you are interested in and suggest to combine the "cart". Having issued the joint order, you, probably, can not only save on delivery, but also receive an additional discount from the store.

Online payments

Certain preferences can be obtained if you pay for the order directly on the site, and not by cash payment. This scheme is beneficial to the store (he immediately receives payment for the goods), and the buyer (he saves on the interest that is charged by the postal service).

Attracted customers

Increasingly, shops offer buyers to use referral links. It can look like this: a person places his link in social networks, if his friends use it and make orders, he gets a bonus from the store.

Seasonal sales

Regardless of how often the online store announces the stock, the most noticeable price decrease can be observed twice a year - in January and July. At this time, traditionally there is a decline in consumer activity. In January, this is due to New Year holidays. In July, due to the height of the holiday season. During these periods it is most profitable to make acquisitions.


You can save on online purchases by means of cash-back services. As a rule, they allow to return to the user a small percentage of the amount that he pays for the order (usually 2-10%). Resources that pay cashback are partners of stores. It should be borne in mind that a number of conditions are required to successfully calculate the cashback.

Using the methods described above, you can significantly save on orders in online stores. Enjoy your shopping!
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