Cult of youth: 5 miraculous salon procedures for skin rejuvenation

Elastic tight skin of the face without a single wrinkle - one of the main indicators of beauty and the cherished dream of girls at any age. When pharmacy creams with the effect of anti-age and folk remedies cease to function, it's time to move on to heavy artillery - to register for a reception with a cosmetologist.

A good doctor will not only determine what kind of aids should be used specifically with your skin type and condition, but also offer to conduct more effective procedures. I prepared the top five most effective methods of salon rejuvenation, from which your face will be delighted.

Alginate masks - the power of algae for the benefit of the skin

The magic component of rejuvenation, sodium alginate, like all genius, was discovered by chance by the English biochemist Stanford in the last century. However, real popularity alginate masks, almost entirely composed of brown seaweed, have only now. The reason for love and respect for them is the immediate effect of filling wrinkles, moisturizing and saturating the skin with minerals.

Masks with alginic salts with the addition of collagen are widely used in salon therapy: after mechanical cleansing of the face, and before the hardware effect, and as an independent procedure. The product also has a unique ability to enhance the effect of the sera applied under it.

Initially produced in the form of a powder, alginates are diluted with water and a thick layer applied to the face, including the eye and mouth areas. The plastic mass withers pretty quickly and after 20-25 minutes it is removed from the face by one movement in the direction from the chin to the forehead. You can use these masks at home, but in the salon it is much more convenient from the point of view of the correct application.

Massage mesorollerom - a compact, but effective

In cosmetology, a mesoroller - a small device with a plastic handle and a twisting roller with a hundred steel needles - has been used for a long time and successfully. Due to mechanical action on the surface layers of the epidermis, blood flow to the skin increases, metabolic processes are accelerated.

Small mimic wrinkles with the help of the device can be smoothed out over several weeks of constant visits to the beautician, but over deep ones one has to work hard. At the same time, this small device is very effective for the prevention of skin aging and perfectly copes with the restoration of the oval and contour of the face.

Professional facial rejuvenation in beauty salons

Hardware cosmetology - many effective options

Non-invasive, that is, non-traumatic action by instruments from the world of cosmetology is a real salvation for those who are afraid of needles and have a low pain threshold. In the struggle for youthful skin, the apparatus is called upon by the forces of nature-cold, oxygen, ultrasound, current, ultraviolet light.

Summarizing the principle of the action of all these methods, we can say that they contribute to the penetration of nutrients into the middle and deep layers of the skin, simultaneously cleaning the enlarged pores, improving the complexion, smoothing the facial wrinkles and removing scars. The only disadvantage of the procedure is its price, but beauty is worth any money, right?

It is important that the decision on which device to apply in your particular case should be taken by a cosmetologist, based on the problematic nuances of the facial skin and the general health of the body.

Biorevitalization and mesotherapy - youth in injections

Those most frightening and inviting injections of beauty. The principle of action is based on the performance of a multitude of microinjections of pure hyaluronic acid (in the case of biorevitalization) or mesocothelial (for mesotherapy) in the middle layers of the epidermis. Getting into cells, nutrients and vitamins not only improve the skin condition, but also contribute to the restoration of collagen and elastin synthesis processes responsible for its elasticity and smoothness.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of contraindications to the procedures - this includes pregnancy, a number of diseases of the cardiovascular system, nervous systems, and exacerbation of chronic diseases - mesotherapy and biorevitalization have proved worthy and reliable fighters in the fight against skin aging. Of course, from one session of the injections of the effect is not worth waiting for, but after the course treatment you can be sure - compliments will be poured on you from all sides.

His Majesty is Botox. Long live the king!

There are wrinkles that appear from old age, when the skin loses its elasticity, and there are treacherous creases from our mimic activity. Yes, joy, tension, sadness, anger and other our emotions are always reflected on the face. Preparations based on botulinum toxin, more simply, botox, relieve tension from the muscles and, relaxing them, smooth wrinkles.

The procedure is really effective - this is confirmed by hundreds of thousands of women who want to make it. However, one should be trusted to make injections only to reliable, authoritative and reliable cosmetologists, with a medical education and constant experience in further training. It is also important that the doctor opens the ampoule with the drug with you, and pasted the information insert into your personal card.

These are the most popular, but by no means the only salon methods of preserving female youth and beauty. Cosmetology does not stand still, every year showing us a new less painful and more effective struggle with the manifestations of skin aging. The main thing in this matter is to choose competently and carefully the salon and the master. Then the result will surely please you!
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