Storage systems

Even the most necessary minimum of things requires space, and it, as is known, does not happen much. It's not always the fault of the number of things that we do not know how to properly store them.

Storage systems for the dressing room

The dressing room can be designed both at the planning stage of the apartment and in the finished building.

Wardrobe is a designer. It consists of the following main elements:
  • rails for long things (dresses);
  • rails for short things (blouses, skirts);
  • shelves;
  • boxes.

Principles for the choice of the filling of the dressing room

  • Long or short things in the wardrobe more.
  • As it is preferable to hang the trousers: folding in half or the entire length (hence the length of the section).
  • It is more convenient to fold the belts with a fagot, put it in a box or hang it.

Open storage systems

3 options to organize a dressing room:
  1. Behind the curtain, which blocks the colors. The simplest and most universal way of all existing. It can be arranged in a room of any shape and size. The bar can be hung directly on the wall, and on it - curtains (they can be bought in the finished form).
  2. Wardrobe behind the wall. This is a more thorough construction: instead of a curtain - plasterboard wall, the entrance - behind the sliding mirror doors.
  3. Walk-in closet type. It can be located in the passage from the bedroom to the bathroom. On one wall can be located a cabinet equipped with drawers and shelves, and on the other - a bar for clothes on hangers.

Storage systems for kitchens

Storage of packaged spices and seasonings

A plastic organizer with separators is a functional, simple and inexpensive way of storing. Easy to clean when necessary. It is clear that where it lies and easy to get.

Optimizing the space in the cabinets

To actively use the space in the cabinets in width and height, there are: Comfortable sliding shelves on high stable legs, which are easily adjusted to the width. Suspended shelves for cups with hooks. Hinged baskets. Inserts in shelves (high and deep).

Clothes storage systems

  • The closet in the hallway is the most optimal system for storing clothes.
  • It will be able to accommodate all clothing, including the top, shoes and accessories.
  • It is easy to search and easy to clean everything in place.
  • Rarely used things will find a place on the top shelves.
In each furniture design, you can always organize a storage system:
  • drawers under the bed;
  • mobile pedestals with different internal compartments;
  • puffi with folding sidushkami and a place for storage inside.

Additional storage systems

  • space between the ceiling and the door;
  • the door leaf itself.

Self storage systems

Original ideas for storing shoes

  1. Shoe original shelves of wooden pallets: just a little sanding them in a suitable color for the interior of the housing color and install the original shelf in the hallway or on the veranda. And with the help of hacksaw and fantasy you can create your own exclusive and even more comfortable shoe.
  2. Shelves for shoes from large diameter semi-propylene pipes. So you can collect a whole hallway or a small corner in one of the rooms. If you place the pipes inside the cabinet itself, you will get an individual compartment for each pair of shoes.
  3. The usual closet door is a great place for storing shoes: just screw the hooks at a certain distance to the door or buy special devices in the form of pockets or shelves.
  4. For shoes with high heels, polyurethane moldings or wooden slats attached to the wall are suitable. It is important: slats or moldings should necessarily be with a wide ledge, for which the heel of shoes will cling.
  5. If the cabinet has a lot of free space on the bar for the shoulders, then there is the possibility of making the shoe mount on the hanger itself. This solution will quickly find the right pair of shoes, and shoes will not deform during the off-season.
  6. You can make original open shelves, which will become part of the wardrobe wardrobe of the room or any utility room.
  7. Use as a shoe the usual ladder: it can be easily rearranged from place to place, besides it will serve as an excellent interior decor.

Toy storage system

It is important to pre-sort the toys "by type of activity": dolls, cars, utensils, designers, cubes, "developmentals". On these formed "mountains" you can navigate, what kind of system is needed.
  • Important! Take care of a completely safe design, with which the baby can manage independently.
  • Acquiring boxes and baskets need to take into account not only the dimensions of what is already in the child's arsenal, but also to assume that their number will eventually grow. Therefore we will need different in size boxes.

Ways of storing toys

  1. Drawers under the bed are comfortable, compact and ergonomic. The volumetric box can be equipped with partitions or you can pick up cardboard boxes that are ideally suited for size.
  2. Bed-attic - cabinet furniture of a multifunctional orientation. Toys can be stored in a cabinet or in staircase steps.
  3. Table with adjustments in the form of shelves.
The very process of cleaning toys often turns into a huge problem: the child is difficult to teach it day-by-day on its own.

This difficult business will go more alive if we come up with and construct non-trivial constructions for storage.

Ideas that can be realized by yourself:
  • Shelf-house: for placing numerous dolls.
  • Organizer of transparent film: in his pockets are stored small collector's cars, doll accessories, stationery.
  • Rug-bag: it is convenient for details of lego or designer (play on it, and then tighten the cord stretched along its edge).
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