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Time does not stand still. There are new professions, about which about 20 years ago no one had ever heard of. New technologies dictate new rules of life. Permanent self-development and training is a "lifebuoy", which will allow a person to stay afloat in an irrepressible flow of technological progress. What professions are in demand now? What exactly will be relevant in 5, 10, 15 years?


Relatively new type of activity. Specialists in this field are responsible for the promotion of the site on the first lines of search. The profession is interesting, requires a lot of knowledge.

Search engine optimization, or seo - one of the most sought-after occupations

Search engine optimization of sites - specialization, which in 10 years is guaranteed to be in demand.


Unique content, sharpened to a specific target audience, is an excellent tool for searching customers through the Internet. Its writing is dealt with by writers - this is a generalized name for copiers and rewriters. The first - specialists in the field of generating unique texts. The second category is rewriting already existing content.

Quality content is always in demand

One of the most striking examples of the activities of rewriters is the media, various news editions. Unique news comes out once, the rest are engaged in its rewriting and reproduction in the vast spaces of the World Wide Web.


Targeting advertising should be targeted at the target audience

Specialist responsible for setting up targeting ads in social networks. The profession is remote and quite profitable. This kind of advertising is a powerful tool for promoting your business through social networks.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designer - always a creative person

A professional who perfectly masters various graphic editors. One of the specialists directly responsible for the visual design of sites or groups in social networks.
The IT-sphere is quite promising for today. Children no longer want to be cosmonauts or firemen. Everyone dreams to become IT people.
To be in demand in the next 15 years, you need to master one or several online professions. Only in this case can you be sure of your future.
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