Jealousy. How to get rid of it?

Oh, this jealousy! If you are a terrible owner, then for you there is a great danger - to start jealous of your partner. This unpleasant feeling arises from the same plain as she - insecurity in the partner and low self-esteem. However, jealousy is a completely senseless feeling - if there is no reason, it is even silly, and if there is an excuse, then it's too late to do something.

What to do?

Jealousy can destroy even the strongest relationship. Constantly suspecting his partner, you take him out of balance, and he really will take such a step as treason. This can happen from the fact that a person will simply get bored of proving his innocence, and he will decide - since I got "for a hat" for it so why yes? If you are still overcome by burning jealousy, we suggest you take advantage of the following tips:
  • Do not look for reasons. Why constantly live in fear and look for reasons for jealousy? The constant game in the detective - in search of secret SMS and intimate correspondence - will drive you crazy.
  • Increase self-esteem. When a woman is not sure of herself, she is constantly afraid of losing her partner, because of low self-esteem. Love yourself beautiful, charming and original. Take care of self-training and self-development. A woman who has fallen in love with herself, like a magnet, attracts the love of a man.
  • No longer the owner. Give up this dirty feeling of ownership. It is necessary to accept the truth that your husband is a person who has the right to act as he wants, and not your property. As well as you, though.
  • Positive self-assertion. Every time a bad thought comes to you, replace it with a positive one. For example, "he has another, she is beautiful and intelligent," and you drive away this negative and say to yourself "He loves only me and considers me kind and sexy."
  • Self-realization! Do what you love, or develop in the sphere of your activity. So you will not have time to think about the bad, and you will greatly advance on the career ladder.
If the fact of treason is still confirmed - decide for yourself whether you want to save your family, or not. I decided to leave everything as is, then you need to accept and experience this fact. You do not need to constantly wind yourself and constantly return to this conversation. Either reconcile and live on - or let go. Happiness to you and your family!
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