Fashion trends in the spring of 2018

Fashion is a changeable girl. Today she tells us to wear a blue scarf, and tomorrow dictates completely different rules. Every fashionista wants to know what is best to wear to be in a trend. We invite you to get acquainted with the current trends of the fashion of SPRING 2018. We read - we are enlightened!

Trench coat

Or a cloak of unusual cut. Usually such a thing is sewn in the style of an oversize (in other words, free cut). The color of this cloak also differs in its "non-standard" - bright and eccentric. The trench coat of this spring is distinguished by a huge number of decorative details, for example, buttons, pockets, coquette.

Stylishly. It's bright. Unusually.

Waist bag

In the past, this accessory caused a lot of contradictory statements. But she fell in love with many women of fashion for her versatility. On the one hand, it can be an original and stylish belt, and on the other - an accessory that allows you to take with you the necessary minimum of things and release your hands. Belt bag cleverly destroyed obsolete stereotypes and densely occupied a convenient place in the wardrobe of many women of fashion.

Fashionable and free hands!


This spring vests at the peak of popularity. This thing is advantageous to beat even ordinary jeans with a classic blouse, betraying along the layered. A skillfully selected waistcoat will also be able to hide some of the flaws in your figure, if they are of course.

Create unforgettable images.

Gray suit

The style of the costume depends on your imagination. You will be fashionable this spring, and the suit will last you a long time. Gray color is combined with many other shades, which means that you can make a great many combinations for each exit.

Gray suit - strict or sexy? Choose you!


Make your image more light and romantic - things crocheted. Open-work clothes are very fashionable this spring, and you do not need to think that it's old-fashioned! On the eve of the new season, all fashion houses presented to the women of fashion ladies' apparel with openwork viscous or with accessories in this technique. Let's thank our grandmothers - the outfits made with their golden hands will make your image really fashionable!

Cargo trousers

Remember the chic Lara Croft? In her arsenal were not only weapons and beauty, but also practical cargo pants. This spring they reached the peak of popularity. Convenient and stylish - just to conquer the modern stone jungle.

Bootillions - socks

Even in vulgar seasons, many laughed at this piece of clothing, and this spring the fashion houses offered it to their charming women of fashion. They emphasize the narrow part of the foot and fit well with different types of clothes.

Unusual combinations

This spring you can combine both a light dress with crosses and transparent elegant capes complete with everyday clothes and much more. You will be in a trend if you are not afraid to start in your wardrobe combining things - a coat with leather sleeves, jeans alternately with lace and silk flounces and many other unusual combinations. Be noticeable and surprise!

Playful and romantic.

Colors, fabrics and details

Separately, it should be said about the colors, textures and tissues that are relevant this spring. The main color of the seasons is lavender. Actual - an unusual combination of pink and orange, green in a neon shade, gently yellow and color - lime. This spring did not lose their chic floral prints, as well as photo prints, afro and pop art, cage and diagonal lines. If you are not a fan of fashion squeaks or in your office a strict dress code, but you really want to make a real note in your image - you can do it with accessories. And one more thing - taking a great interest in fashion trends in unreasonable volumes, you risk passing through a city madman. Some things are created for parties or for social parties, so it's best to combine trendy little things with a casual wardrobe. And most importantly - clothes should be not only fashionable, but also comfortable!

Remain wonderful!

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