How to find new friends

In childhood to find a friend, a comrade in games is not so difficult. Went to walk at the same time in the yard or go with someone together in a circle, in a music school and after a while you are already close friends. Youth is the best time for friendly relations, because you can devote all your leisure time to friendship, there is no work, family responsibilities, but many common topics for communication, it is easier to find those who share your views and values. Young people spend 10 to 25 hours a week with friends. It is more difficult for middle-aged people to maintain friendly ties, because during this period work is important, the children are a family, and there is no time for friendly gatherings, and the character is not as flexible as in youth. But, nevertheless, you can and should be friends at any age.

Where to look for friends

Sometimes it seems that if a person is very busy, he does not need friendship, the problems and experiences of the other are not interesting to him. But this is not so. Now there are a lot of lonely people who would like to have friends, even if they do not talk about it. No man will disdain friendship if he finds someone with whom he will be easily and comfortably.

Before you start looking, think about why you need a friend, how you represent your relationship. Do you want to go to the movies and theaters together, to exhibitions or spend time in clubs, at parties? You have an interesting hobby, but there are no like-minded people, no one to talk about your hobby? Do you want to philosophize, discuss books, talk about the meaning of life? Do you need a close friend who can be trusted with the most intimate? If you decide who exactly you want to be friends with, it will be easier to find such a person, the search circle will narrow.

Look around, maybe there are people at work with whom you are pleased to communicate? If this is not an option, you can try to look for friends elsewhere:
  1. Buy an annual subscription for various classes, courses, lectures, where you will communicate with the same circle of people for a long time.
  2. If you like animals, get a dog. She will have to make daily walks, communicate with the owners of other dogs and make friends.
  3. Become a volunteer. In each city there are charitable organizations: someone struggles for the rights of pets, someone helps families who find themselves in a difficult situation, someone works in the hospital, for example, entertaining sick children. The common activity unites the fastest.
  4. Travel, even if it will be small trips around the country. It's a chance to meet new people on the train, on the bus, on excursions.
  5. Find on the Internet several communities in social networks and visit them every day. Leave comments, communicate, and with those whose views are close to you, you can start personal correspondence, which will gradually turn into friendship.
But if you do not like communicating with your new friends, they seem too aggressive, sarcastic, after talking to them you get discouraged, it is better to immediately stop this relationship. It will be difficult for you to build a sincere friendship with them, and the relationship "for the sake of a tick" is a wasted time, because with time, discontent will only increase.

How to get close to a person

To get along with those who you like, it's better not immediately, obsession can spoil everything. In the beginning it's enough just to smile at the person and say hello to him. After a while you can make a compliment, noting that your interlocutor looks good, or congratulate him with success. Most people respond positively to compliments, especially if they are sincere, everyone likes to hear about themselves something pleasant. In a week you can talk about something, discuss your hobbies and interests. If your interlocutor greets you, smiles at you, is interested in you, then everything goes well, you are almost close.

Not always a person goes to contact. He or afraid of rapprochement, then it is better to act more cautiously, slow down, or you do not like him. In the second case, do not insist, try to make friends with someone else. If everything is good, communicate more often, discuss all the new topics, and eventually you can go together to a cafe or an exhibition. Of course, this is only a friendly relationship, but they can eventually grow into friendship.

How to maintain a relationship

It is not so difficult to get acquainted and make friends with a person, especially if you have a friendly interlocutor. But, in order for friendship not to be interrupted, it is necessary to behave correctly:
  1. Do not demand from another that he constantly was with you in contact, do not force him to keep abreast of all your affairs, do not be offended if he can not always be around. Each person has his own life, he can not completely devote it to his friends. And do not forget about yourself, your interests, you also have the right to a personal life.
  2. Be punctual, never be late for meetings, if you promised, try to keep your word.
  3. During a conversation, listen carefully to another person, do not interrupt him, otherwise you may get the impression that you are not interested in what he is talking about.
  4. Try not to criticize others or do it carefully. Not everyone wants to communicate with a person who curses others, because there is no guarantee that he is somewhere in the same tone does not respond to you. To yazvit also it is not necessary, as well as to teach the lives of others, unless the interlocutor has asked a specific question.
  5. Do not curry favor with your companion, do not flatter him, in a relationship you are both equal, so try to express your opinion with dignity.
  6. Try to become an interesting person. What does it mean? You should have your hobbies, hobbies, go to the cinema, the theater, read books, etc. Then you will always have something to talk about. Tell me about your hobbies. If you keep everything in yourself, your friend will never know that he is communicating with an interesting person.
To become true friends, you need to communicate with the interlocutor face-to-face, this is how you can get warmth, support, after such a communication there will be a sense of intimacy. If you do not want to be particularly close, enough and ondine communication: you can write an email, talk in a social network, send SMS. To the flame of friendship is not completely extinguished, in order to maintain the relationship with a minimum of encumbrances, it is enough to just snap a photo of a friend in social networks or congratulate him on the holiday. This, of course, is not the best way to maintain a relationship, but it will also work if you are not yet ready for another communication.

Finding friends is not so difficult, especially if you set yourself such a goal, it's harder to get to know a person who will share your views, understand you and sincerely take an interest in your life. But if you expand the circle of communication, sooner or later such people will be found, so you should not give up, the problem of loneliness is actual now, and no one will refuse sincere, sincere friendship
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