Why is it important for a woman to buy clothes properly? Or how not to become a shopaholic?

A woman is a wonderful creature. In the shower, it carries light and warmth. To the family and children neglecting themselves. "I went to buy a skirt, and instead took my husband a shirt, a son of a pant leg and a daughter a blouse" - if it's said about you, then you need to fix it.

Do you love yourself?

"Well, what did not do manicure, but bought ..." - with such thoughts and behavior, you subconsciously make a sacrifice of yourself. And later, you will reproach the husband and children for this. Do without guilt guilty. The family will not even understand this sacrifice, and it's insulting to you-they did not appreciate it.

Remember childhood, parents. Did your mother spend money on her beauty?

Often, we transfer into adulthood the line of behavior that little parents have seen. Caring for relatives is wonderful! And you should not forget about yourself.

Love yourself! Let the children and the husband take pride in being a caring mother, a charming wife and a reliable keeper of the home. For the husband - the inspiration, for the children - support.

Love yourself! You're beautiful.

Is it real to be fashionable and not spend too much? Save with pleasure!

To combine it is very simple, believe me. And it's not necessary to chase fashion, brands or buy designer clothes. No need to lie under the knife of a plastic surgeon, decorate yourself with false hair, nails, eyelashes. . .

In fashion, there was always naturalness and femininity.

Therefore, it is important to determine your style. When he echoes the inner "I", then you feel comfortable in this image.

Do not know the choice? Experts will come to the aid - stylists. Yes, choose it troublesome. But! The result is worth it. After all, a competent stylist, also a psychologist. If there is a block in the matter of spending yourself on a loved one, the stylist will help him overcome and become a harmonious person.

The secret of style is the harmony of the soul and body.

No stress! Or how to become a Beautiful Swan?

Do not rush to clean the wardrobe of your favorite things. If your everyday jeans clothes, replace them with pants. Change the shirt to your blouse. Sandals on model boats on a low heel. So gradually, complementing the wardrobe with new things, you will get used to a new reflection in the mirror.

Cheat sheet from the Duchess of Cambridge - clothes or shoes like and feel "it's yours"? Take 2 pairs of different colors or shades. First, if they alternate longer serve, and secondly, some shoes for all occasions - moveton.

Do you choose a trouser suit? Take the universal color. So it will be easier to combine individual elements with other items of the wardrobe.

Need to adhere to the dress code? Here's the solution! It is believed that a business woman should have ensembles of 4 colors - white, red, blue and black. Even if she becomes dressed in complete darkness, you will look stylish. Yes, and by the rules of etiquette - you can not come to the office two days in a row in the same clothes. So you did not spend the night at home. Do you want to think so?

Unfortunately, you can not save on blouses. They must be at least 5.

The house is not a shell. Open your charm.

A stylish housewife. We save the family budget

"And what if I do not work?" - You ask. I agree, in the dress-case and on the stilettos it is problematic to pull the bags from the store. The solution is simple - we choose a dress (not a sarafan) of a free cut and we put on boats. Simple and tasteful.

Remember, you are primarily a woman, and even doing homework, you can look attractive. Change the dressing gown or sportswear for leggings. Stretched T-shirt - on the top. Instead of a "bundle" on your head, tie your hair with a scarf. Slippers change to home shoes.
"There are no ugly women, there are only women who can not be beautiful." J. Lumbruire.
Set the rule for pampering yourself with all sorts of amenities. Shopping, manicure, pedicure. The massage or spa session will be worth paying for your efforts for the benefit of the family. You give a lot and have the right to take no less.

Do not turn yourself into a worn out mother and an untidy wife! Remember, you are a Smart Woman, even if you do not have 90-60-90.

Be happy!

Beauty does not need sacrifice. You're a Smart Woman.

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