Methods for removing papilloma on the body without a trace

Papillomas on the body are caused by various strains of human papillomavirus (HPV). Some of them are very dangerous and can cause cancer changes. Getting treatment is required immediately. It is possible to get rid completely of manifestation in the form of growths only with the help of complex therapy.

The danger of papillomas

The virus is considered quite common and according to scientists infected about 80% of the population. The disease is transmitted by contact methods. It can penetrate into the cells only through damage to the integument. therefore it is most often carried over during sexual intercourse.

It does not appear immediately and not always. The papilloma virus is easily suppressed by the body's immunity and can be activated after many years, at the "convenient case". These include reducing the body's defenses, stress, hormonal failures and re-infection of HPV. In a person with strong immunity, papillomas may not appear.

Such warts are considered more dangerous for women. This is a misconception. The human papillomavirus is equally dangerous for women and men. The level of danger depends on the strain to which the virus belongs. There are about 30 studied oncogenic warts. More often, these are pointed papillomas that affect the mucous membranes. The most dangerous condylomas are formed on the mucous genitalia and cause cancer of the cervix. Therefore it is extremely important to undergo scheduled examinations at the gynecologist.

Cancerous tumors appear as a result of neglect. This is not a fast process, therefore, with proper treatment, papillomas do not carry a crisis danger.

Medicamentous ways of treatment of papilloma

Medicines for the treatment of HPV warts must be included in therapy, even with surgical removal. The papilloma virus does not heal completely. The main goal is to get rid of the manifestations and block of his disease activity. Medications allow you to work on the virus suppressing and strengthen your own immunity rights.

The most common drugs:
  • Antiviral drugs (panavir, viferon, tsikloferon);
  • antiviral ointments (viferon, salicylic, oxalic, betadine);
  • Anti-inflammatory and healing ointments are usually prescribed after removal of the papilloma.
You can not scratch, cut or burn out growths on your own. This can provoke their more active spread and even infection of blood.

More quickly, you can get rid of warts with aggressive medications. They burn out or freeze formation, however after their application scars are often left. Use them must be very carefully, without affecting the healthy areas of the skin. Such medicines include:
  • Superchistotel (concentrated alkali);
  • Lapis pencil (cauterizing, necrotic effect);
  • Cryopharma (freezes the growth);
Aggressive therapy is not desirable to appoint yourself. Before use, consult a physician.

Methods for removing papillomas

If the medication fails to produce results, the doctor decides to remove the human papillomavirus. Only this method allows you to get rid of education quickly, reliably and safely. Methods for removing HPV include:
  • Cryodestruction. The ignition is burned with nitrogen. The method leaves traces and requires anesthesia. Perhaps not a complete removal of the affected cells;
  • Electrocoagulation. Excision is carried out under the influence of high electrical frequencies. There is a small chance of scar appearance. Occurs when a large papilloma is removed;
  • Laser removal. The beam immediately cauterizes the blood vessels and the operation does not cause blood. can remove papillomas of any size. Heals the removal site for a week;
  • Radio-knife. Passes without damage to healthy tissue. Does not leave a trace and completely painless method. Healing takes a long period of up to three weeks;
  • Surgical removal. Practically not used in view of pain and blood loss procedures. Excision leaves after the scar.
Prevention of the appearance of new growths of HPV on the body for today is not. The main measures are the correction of the way of life. For more reliable prevention, you can vaccinate. You can see the conditions of vaccination against the papilloma virus at the nearest hospital.
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