How to decorate a house for Easter

To decorate a house for Easter, you need to use the decor associated with the symbols of this great holiday: Renewal, Light, Life.

Easter Bunny

Their figurines are one of the symbols of Easter. Rabbits do not happen much:
  • figurines throughout the house;
  • soft cushions with ears, eyes and antennae;
  • dolls Tilda in the most prominent places;
  • chocolate figurines;
  • muzzles in the form of appliqués on interior doors;
  • napkins for the festive table to fold in the form of a rabbit hare.

Compositions of fresh flowers

Live flowers are the best decoration of any holiday, and Easter - in particular. Flowers will help decorate and refresh the atmosphere of the Bright Resurrection:
  • The basket with the closed heads of yellow and orange tulips, resembling the shape of Easter eggs, will be a big plus in the decor of the Easter table.
  • A low Japanese basket with violets, decorated with lavender-colored ribbons, will bring freshness and tenderness to the festive decor.
  • A basket of coarse weaving filled with narcissi and populated with toy chickens is a piece of natural spring nature in your home.
  • Bunches of yellow daffodils in homemade paper baskets: if you put them on a yellow napkin on each plate for guests, the holiday will become even sunnier.
  • A festive composition of hyacinth flowers, pinned on pins and attached to a water-saturated sponge egg-shaped, will become a masterpiece of the Easter decor. Only set the egg-flower better on the pot with the moss.

Willow branches can play the role of the Easter tree

Easter tree

To decorate the trees for Easter with painted eggs is an ancient beautiful tradition. Today, it has not lost its relevance in the decoration of the house for the Easter celebration.
  • In the form of a bouquet of willow branches or any fruit tree. You can take care that they have already blown the first leaves.
  • Any tall house plant (ficus, diffenbachia) can fulfill its role.
  • We decorate them with decorative eggs, figurines of rabbits, chickens, chickens.
  • The tree can be made in the form of a topiary.

Easter nests

The nest is a symbol of a home and family happiness. Let's do something like that and we.
  • Above the Easter table to the chandelier we will attach a "house" for storks: flexible branches up to a meter long, fastened with a thin wire and bandaged with a ribbon.
  • Mini nests of twigs, and in them put feathers and small chocolate eggs.
  • Nest-pot. Put a chicken egg or a little quail into a pot of homemade violets or small hyacinths.
  • In the basket of shortcake for tartlets put on a few small chocolate eggs or a figurine chicken or a chicken made of chocolate.

Decor in the form of Easter nests especially like children

Tablecloths and napkins

  • Pastel colors will help to create a cheerful mood and solemn festive atmosphere: light green, blue, pink or vice versa, colors from the category "tear out the eyes": juicy, bright orange, red, emerald.
  • To a bouquet of flowering willows (or with freshly awakened buds) to put the cutlery and gently wrap them with a napkin-bow.
  • Funny look napkins, folded in the form of rabbit ears, and in the eyelet to insert a painted egg with eyes and a mustache - it will serve as a muzzle of a rabbit.

Easter basket

They decorate the festive table and the most notable corners of the dwelling. They put Easter eggs, figurines of rabbit and chicken seeds, small birds, decorate everything with greens and fresh flowers.

How to make and from what:
  • Weave from colored paper - children like this occupation.
  • Crochet.
  • Tape the new flowerpot with twine.
  • Use openwork vases-candy glasses made of glass and plastic (with edges rounded in the form of petals).

Decorate the Easter basket with live greens and textiles in this subject

Easter wreath

Preparation for the holiday begins with the decoration of the entrance to the house. On Great Saturday we'll hang on the front door:
  • a wreath of flexible willow or birch twigs, decorating the installation with fresh flowers, feathers, ribbons, figurines of birds, butterflies, rabbits, chickens, nests with birds;
  • composition with a base of wire frame, covered with sacking and decorated with Easter attributes.
Wreaths hang on the interior doors, and on the walls. It is a symbol of the awakening of nature and the continuous cycle of eternal life.
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