How to become a vegetarian?

The decision to become a vegetarian has nothing to do with quitting smoking or any other bad habit. Rather, such an action is similar to the adoption of a certain point of view, which a person is going to follow for the rest of his life.

Varieties of vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is multifaceted. Everyone understands and accepts a similar food system in his own way. This directly depends on the following factors:
  • human health;
  • his views on life and the environment;
  • moral principles;
  • relationship to animals.
And yet we will return to our sheep. Scientists from all over the world share vegetarianism in the following categories :
  1. Veganism.
  2. Ovo-vegetarianism.
  3. Lacto-vegetarianism.
  4. Pesquetarianism.
  5. Combination of the above varieties.


The most severe form of vegetarianism, which involves the complete refusal to use any products of animal origin. Vegans do not eat meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Everything that has been killed or died by its death, by deep conviction of this category of vegetarians is not suitable for eating.


Assumes the use of plant foods and eggs. The latter contains such a substance that is essential for human health, such as cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12). This substance is contained exclusively in products of animal origin.
Vegans to maintain their own body must use B12 as additional supplements. In pharmacies, it is sold in ampoules or tablets.


Provides for the use of various dairy products.


The diet of Piscetarians, in addition to plant food, contains fish and seafood. Thus, B12, phosphorus and other useful substances get into their body in sufficient quantity, which you can not find in the daytime with fire in vegetable food.

The Benefits of Vegetarianism

Nutritionists from all over the world divided into two camps. Some advocate the thesis "vegetarianism is health". The latter firmly believe that this statement is a lie in its pure form. Who is right?

In ancient times people already understood that the best medicine is a diet, a change in the diet. So our ancestors treated. The use of exclusively plant foods is a panacea that can exclude modern medicines as unnecessary. Why treat a healthy person? And this is by no means a fantasy.

Eating vegetable food leads to "terrible" consequences:
  1. The metabolism is normalized.
  2. Weight comes back to normal.
  3. There is regression of cancer diseases.
  4. Vessels are being cleaned.
  5. The blood sugar level is normalized.
  6. The mind clears up. A man thinks faster.
  7. A huge surge of energy.
Everyone should make his own choice right now and think about what awaits him in his old age: dependence on medicines and doctors or the life of a healthy, energetic person.
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