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Novels-dystopia - this is a warning to the younger generation against the absurdities and stupidities that are borne by technological progress. The most vivid representatives of this genre are the works of George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and Ray Bradbury.

"O Brave New World" Aldous Huxley

The novel was written in 1932. But surprisingly, his events are beginning to look more and more clearly in the reality surrounding us.

The most shocking "squeeze out" of the work:
  1. Promotion of debauchery. Erotic games from the earliest childhood.
  2. Ubiquitous use of the drug. And the use of substances that affect the psyche, is promoted at the state level.
  3. Solid synthetics in everything - in clothes, in music, in relationships.
  4. Lack of live birth. Embryos are grown in bottles. The words "mother" and "father" are terrible insults.
The main storyline twists around a young man whose mind has not been touched by "civilization." The hero was born in a "reserve", where savages preach the good old truths. A young man reads Shakespeare and dreams of true love. In this ghetto, God's worship, live-giving flourishes, there are no technological achievements, and people live in huts.

First, "civilization" bribes the young man with its novelty and technological progress, but over time the guy understands all the poverty of the surrounding minds. He settles far away from people - in his own house near the old airport. As a result, the guy does not stand the increased pressure from the press, the stupidity and vulgarity of the surrounding "wondrous new world." Death tears the hero out of the embrace of an absurd reality.

"451 degrees Fahrenheit" Ray Bradbury

The novel is an excellent example of an anti-utopia. The first publication of the work dates back to 1953. When reading, it creates a real impression that Bradbury invented a time machine and decided to take a ride in modern reality.

Screens in the wall. People do not take the headphones out of their ears either day or night. Ubiquitous sport. Physical activity is wonderful. But not when it replaces the mental load.

Main characters

  • The book is the protagonist of the work ;
  • A society in which dullness reigns and the absence of any standing aspirations and goals;
  • Firefighters are people who burn books;
  • Guy Montega is a unique firefighter, in which a desire for literature and beauty has arisen.


Events take place in an alternative future. Books are banned. They are simply burned. Contemplation of the surrounding nature, literature, art, any glimpses of creative thought under the strictest prohibition.

Outside the metropolis gathered a company of dissenters, whose memory contains lines of outstanding literary works of the past.

The result was an air strike that destroyed the city. At the same time, people were absorbed in the contemplation of three screens all over the wall, over which films and television programs were spinning. And all their aspirations were aimed at acquiring the fourth.

"1984" George Orwell

Another anti-utopia, which became a strict warning for the modern generation.
Big Brother Is Watching You.
Big brother is watching you. The phrase, which Orwell's light wing has become winged.

What is in this work? Socialism on its worst side. Worship of one man as a deity. The supremacy of the party in the life of every person. Constant party meetings. Playful, ostentatious glee. Impossibility to say, do, feel in sight at all. The ubiquitous cameras, which even in their own home monitor everyone.

The work is worth it to read it.
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