The best French comedies

A good movie can be compared to a quality wine. It never gets old and is always relevant. Today I would like to talk about a rather interesting genre of cinema - comedy, to be exact - the French comedy. The country is famous for its talented actors. What are only the faces of Pierre Richard, Louis de Funes, Gerard de Pardier. . . At one mention of them on the face involuntarily there is a smile.

Gendarme from Saint-Tropez

A kind, cheerful story with a continuation of the service of the gendarme and his fellow co-workers in the small seaside town of France - Saint-Tropez. The adventures are quite amusing. The film has everything that the soul desires - killer humor, aliens, beautiful young girls and of course the inimitable Louis de Funes.

A toy

An outstanding film with Pierre Richard in the title role. The comedy narrates the difficult fate of a little boy who did not have a real friend. Nobody gave him proper attention, even his own father.

And then on the horizon appeared a journalist, whom the boy chose himself as a "toy." As a result, a young man and a rich son become best friends who perfectly understand and support each other.

The boy is so attached to his new "acquisition" that he never wants to part with it.

The picture raises a complex theme of the relationship of the rich to the poor. Throughout the film, the question is whether subordinates are "toys" in the hands of their superiors. Can I buy money and love for money? Everyone who looks at the amazing movie "Toy" will get the answer to this question.


A film about friendship and love, about the relationship between father and daughter. The picture is international. In addition to France, Japanese actors took part in the shootings.

The main role is played by Jean Reno. His character in the distant past left his beloved in Japan. Later it turned out that she was pregnant and had a daughter. After 21 years the girl grew up and turned into a self-willed teenager, who is looking for herself in life.

A man tries to build relationships with his own daughter. Modern Japan with its peculiar youth subculture along with the unfading traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun.

1 + 1

The film is just a bomb! Kind, interesting, funny. Teaches humanity and a normal attitude to close people.

A simple guy from a poor district in Paris is hired to work as a nurse to a paralyzed rich man. A young man makes an employer believe in life, find true love and becomes a very good friend to him.


The film, in which there appears a tandem of two outstanding actors - Jean Mare and Louis de Funes. The first is famous for the fact that in all his films he performs tricks himself. About Louis de Funes you can talk endlessly. The actor can be characterized by the following words: the best comedian actor in France. A man with a jester's face and a look full of sadness.
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