How to make an anti-aging make-up?

Makeup often causes a woman to look older than her age, and can you achieve the opposite effect with decorative cosmetics? It turns out that there are certain techniques that allow you to change, and conditionally they can be described as a rejuvenating make-up.

Emphasize the natural beauty

In adolescence, almost all representatives of the fair sex strive for self-expression through the brightness of shades. However, with age, the craving for cosmetic experiments is greatly reduced. To look young, you need first of all to take care of the skin tone. Do not overload your face with makeup. It is enough to use a tonal base with a light texture in order to hide imperfections and the first mimic wrinkles. An excellent addition to it will be a high-heater - a radiance in moderation will give the person freshness and well-groomed appearance. The dense consistency of the tonal means often more clearly indicates the age, emphasizing wrinkles and uneven relief of the face.

Reduce the amount of mascara on eyelashes

"Spider's paws" do not paint a woman at any age. It looks sloppy, visually increases the look and automatically adds a couple of years. Of course, you should not abandon the use of mascara for eyelashes. However, remember that its number should be such that it allows you to give the look expressiveness, but while itself was not visible to others.

Natural blush

Another way to refresh the image is to use blush. This beauty product requires an extremely delicate attitude, it is easy to overdo it. Therefore, it is recommended to use a shade of blush together with a translucent powder. With regard to blush, the same rule applies as for the carcass - the effect (and, quite natural) should be noticeable, and not the cosmetic itself.

Masking wrinkles

The outer corners of the eyes are the area where wrinkles appear almost in the first place. This is not even always related to age. The reason may be a banal habit of squinting. To once again not focus on this feature, drawing arrows, you should point the tip just above the wrinkles. Whether a rejuvenating make-up will be effective against the eyes, largely depends on the choice of shadows. Shimmer is not always appropriate, unlike shades with a matte finish. A reasonable combination of them will allow us to emphasize the depth and expressiveness of the eyes, while, at the expense of dullness, the effect will turn out to be natural. If necessary, you can add makeup to your satin shadows.

Choose a lipstick

If we talk about the color scheme, we should immediately abandon all dark shades. They do not cut back on age. Pearlescent and shimmer texture of lipstick can attract unnecessary attention to mimic wrinkles in the area of ​​the lips. The best option is classic nuanced shades with a pink podton. Reds and coral tones are also quite appropriate, but their use should be in perfect harmony with the rest of the makeup.
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