What is the tint for the eyebrows?

If the natural shade of the eyebrows is not expressive enough, different cosmetics are used. To pencils, paint, shadows and lipstick for the eyebrows relatively recently added another interesting beauty product - tint. Does it have significant advantages over analogues?

Tint for the eyebrows is not as simple as it might seem at a superficial glance. Its action in a certain sense is close to coloring and permanent make-up. Now, such cosmetics are produced in many countries, but South Korea is the pioneer in this direction. It is noteworthy that now on sale you can find not only different shades, but also different formats of this product.

Tint-marker for eyebrows

The name is chosen not by chance, the facility is really easy to confuse with all the familiar stationery. If you are accustomed to eyebrow pencils, such a marker will not cause difficulties already at the first use. The presence of felt applicator allows you to easily adjust the shape of the eyebrows. Before using a tint marker, skin should be cleaned. From this preliminary stage, the stability of coloring largely depends, so it is not worth neglecting it. To begin with, it is easy to draw a contour of eyebrows, all inaccuracies and flaws in this process should be eliminated immediately with the help of a cotton swab dipped in micellar water. Apply a thick layer of pigment does not make sense. It is required to distribute the agent evenly and wait until it completely dries. The persistence of such staining varies from a few days to several weeks. When the hue will lose its saturation, the staining can be repeated.

Tint film

Externally, the tint film has little in common with the above-described colleague. This tint has a gelatinous consistency. On sale it is most often presented in vials with a built-in brush. The preliminary stage before its use completely coincides with the actions that must be performed before using the tint marker. However, the similarities end here. Drawing the outline with a brush, you need to fill the inner space of the eyebrows. Having finished with this process it remains only to wait - when the drug dries, a film forms on the surface of the eyebrows. Remove it from the hairs is not difficult, just pull the tip. Staining stability in this case depends on many parameters, but the maximum is 3 weeks.


Such tools, regardless of the format, are good when you want to increase the saturation of the natural shade of the eyebrows. They are easy to use and for someone can be an intermediate step between the use of a pencil and a full-color paint.


Some beauty products of this type have an unpleasant smell. Also among the significant drawbacks can be attributed to the fact that the real resistance tint, in certain cases, is at variance with the declared manufacturers. The hue saturation is reduced by contact with water.
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