How to dress fashionably and beautifully for a full woman

To be attractive and seductive, you do not need to have a slender figure. If you choose the right wardrobe, you can, with larger sizes, look elegant and beautiful. We will tell you what to look for when buying clothes.

Rules for choosing a wardrobe

To emphasize your dignity and hide faults, it is worth sticking to these rules when updating your wardrobe:
  1. Cloth is dense, textured. Such clothes visually draw a figure, you seem slimmer, especially if it has vertical prints. A fine jersey, you should avoid, because he will emphasize all that is desirable to hide.
  2. The correct length. The most optimal length of skirts and dresses is up to the knee. If you are small in height, it is better to refuse midi skirts and short trousers with shoes without a heel, since then you will appear to be lower in height.
  3. Top - with a V-neck. This neckline makes the neck visually longer, pulls the figure. And from jackets with ruches and jabos it is better to refuse. But if the frill or wide shuttlecock are located in the waist region, they will help hide your tummy, ie, you will seem slimmer.
  4. Correctly choose the color. Optimal colors - dark brown, saturated blue, green, you can buy dresses of light burgundy, olive, gray. A gentle pink and blue colors should be avoided.
  5. You should not buy tops, transparent blouses, ripped jeans and lush skirts. All this will have to be excluded from your wardrobe, because these things will underline your shortcomings.

Little things that make us slimmer

The right wardrobe is not everything. If you want to look perfect, pay attention to the following details:
  1. Corrective underwear. To dress or blouse sat on you perfectly, do not forget to buy corrective underwear. Women with a large tummy need to buy panty-suits, which will not only take away the stomach, but also the sides, will lift the buttocks. Very comfortable body, especially under the dress. It will not be noticeable under the clothes, but it will correct your figure. Brassieres that you buy should only be on wide straps.
  2. Tights. Matte pantyhose without shine will suit you. Well, if they have vertical patterns that extend the legs. In the cold season it is better to wear dark colors: brown, black, dark blue pantyhose. In spring and summer, you can replace them with bodily ones, but they should also be without glitter.
  3. Comfortable shoes. You will like shoes with a stable thick heel or without a heel, a wedge.
  4. Bags. It is best to buy medium-sized bags, small clutches will look worse. But the choice of shape and color - for you.
  5. Belts. If you choose a belt for trousers, take a wide. And when buying straps for dresses is better to take a narrow, contrasting in color, they will make you more elegant.
A woman with lush forms can attract glances if she chooses her wardrobe correctly. Despite the well-known standards of beauty, many men prefer women with pleasant roundness, provided that they are well-groomed, elegantly dressed, confident in their irresistibility.
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