The most interesting films of March 2018

We offer an overview of the best films of March 2018. Keep a selection and share news about the movie with your friends!

Mary and the witch flower

A good fairy tale from the Japanese director Hiromasa Yonebayashi is based on the popular European fairytale "Metelka". The film shows the story of a brave girl who decided to save the inhabitants of a magical land. Young Mary spends on vacation in the village and very much regrets that she had to go to such a wilderness. But one day she finds a wonderful flower that takes her to an amazing world. In front of her, serious tests are awaited, but friends will come to help: a neighbor's boy, a black cat and a small magic broom.

Director Hiromasa Yonabayashi is a disciple of the great Hayao Miyazaki. He was the leading animator of such famous anime as "Spirited Away" and "Walking Castle".

I am losing weight

Excellent Russian comedy about love, friendship and difficulties of life of people with excess weight. Young girl Anya works as a confectioner and is very fond of delicious food. She pays attention to the problem only when she is thrown by a guy. Anya is determined to lose weight and for this cardinally changes the way of life.

Actress Sasha Bortich before shooting the first block of the film especially stout for 20 kg. To get into shape, she adhered to a strict diet and went in for sports 7 days a week. The authors of the film made a huge preparatory work: to make the story true, they interviewed dozens of girls who dreamed of becoming slim again. Director Alexey Nuzhny and screenwriter Nikolai Kulikov know about the problem of losing weight by hearsay. Before shooting, the first dropped 28 kg, and the second 20 kg of excess weight.

Tomb Raider: Lara Croft

A teenage girl remains completely alone when her father disappears in an unknown direction. Heiress of a huge fortune refuses to believe in the death of the closest person and goes in search of him. It will try to stop the villains and bandits, but Lara will find a way out of any situation.

The film from the Norwegian director Roar Uthhaug offers a new look at the heroine of the popular computer game. 17 years ago the role of Lara Croft was performed by the bright American actress Angelina Jolie. The modern adventurer, played by Alicia Vikander, looks fragile and feminine.

Country of Characteristics

The film from the French director Pascal Lodget will be appreciated by fans of the horror genre. In the center of the plot, Bet is a writer of fashionable horror novels. In her youth she suffered a serious trauma: one night her bloodthirsty maniacs rushed into her family's house and almost killed the frightened women. Beth receives an alarm from his half-witted sister, but does not attach much importance to him. But soon she realizes that the ghosts of the past have returned to her life.

Pascal Lozzhe is the author of the sensational films "The Martyrs" and "Big Man". The main roles were played by Taylor Hickson, Anastasia Phillips, Crystal Reed, Angela Escher, Emilia Jones.

Earth: One stunning day

The creators of the film managed to show the amazing beauty of the nature of the African savanna, the Asian expanses and the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Even in the most uninhabited corners of our planet life boils: pandas are eaten green shoots, iguanas flee from predators, and giraffes fight for the lady of the heart.

The project involved Jackie Chan and Robert Redford, and in Russian the film was voiced by Nikolai Drozdov.

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