Go to free swimming - the advantages and disadvantages of working as a freelancer

A good mood starts to spoil you on Sunday evening. Still - tomorrow again it is necessary to go on pretty boring job. You are tired every day to spend several hours on the road, you are tired of constant gossip colleagues, supervisor's remarks - every day looks like a day of "marmot". It seems that the office work does not suit you at all ... So why not try to become a freelancer?

What is freelance and who will it suit?

Freelance is, in fact, a remote job, on which you are your own boss: you are looking for orders, communicating with clients and doing work.
    The most popular specialists for working on the Internet are:
  • copywriters (authors who write unique articles based on their own knowledge);
  • smm-specialists (administrators of groups and projects in social networks);
  • seo-optimizers (experts in website promotion);
  • programmers;
  • translators;
  • accountants;
  • tutors;
  • photographers; designers, illustrators and many other creative professions.

Hobby can eventually become the basis for working on freelancing

This form of employment seems quite attractive, because your income level is not limited to the rate or salary, and time can be disposed of as you like. But we need to understand that together with complete freedom of action comes full responsibility for them. Let's see, what are the pros and cons of freelancing?

Advantages of working as a freelancer

1. Convenient schedule. Sometimes it seems that the work schedule from 9 to 6 came up with tormentors - the office routine stretches endlessly. Even if you have completed all the tasks, you need to sit at work until the end of the day - these are the rules. In freelancing, you manage the time yourself. I fulfilled the order - you can rest, but you can start a new task and earn a little more.

One of the main advantages of freelancing - you can work without even getting out of bed

2. Work in its rhythm. You can work anywhere in the world: at the resort, in your bedroom, at your grandmother at the dacha, in the queue, at the zoo, at the plane - wherever you can sit with a laptop and catch the Internet. You can afford to sleep all day and work at night. In addition, you do not need to spend on the road for several hours only then to get to the workplace and return home.

3. Time for yourself. Senseless meetings, flying, empty conversations with colleagues, smoke breaks and coffee breaks are enemies of efficiency. They take that precious time that you can spend on freelancing to communicate with relatives, a walk in nature with a pet, a trip to the sea, self-development, sports or hobbies.

The ability to concentrate and the desire for constant development will help a freelancer newbie

4. There is no dress code. Boring office suits or bored uniforms cease to be a duty - from home you can work in really comfortable clothes. Even if you have an important Skype conference with the customer, no one will notice your pajama pants and slippers with pompoms under the table.

5. Food problems are solved. In freelancing, you do not spend money on business lunches in a cafe, there is no temptation to buy another cup of coffee for the company with colleagues, you decide when you have a lunch break or the fourth breakfast in the account. Working remotely, it is easier to diet, because you do not need to carry bags with containers, and you can always cook yourself something low-calorie.

6. The incentive to professional development. In the ocean of freelancing, the strongest survive - that is, the most active, efficient and having unique skills. The more valuable you are, as an expert, the higher the probability of receiving individual orders with a high price tag. In the fight against competitors, you will constantly have to learn new things, and very quickly and without time for swinging. So imperceptibly for yourself you pour professional competencies and earn a decent portfolio.

Freelancer is ready to work wherever there is Internet

What to think about when going to freelancing

1. Instability of income. In the office, you have a stable salary, which, to be honest, depends little on the quality and quantity of what has been done. You came to work - and you already know that you will be paid for this. In freelancing, you either need to get used to large volumes, or learn how to profitably present yourself to customers and periodically raise prices.

2. Distracting factors. It will be difficult to work remotely if there is no possibility to do it in a quiet comfortable environment: children or other family members constantly need attention, neighbors do their repairs endlessly. In addition, you can become a big hindrance for work when you are constantly distracted by social networks and serials.

3. Little communication. With the transition to freelancing, the circle of your communication is sharply narrowed to correspondence in social networks and rare outlets "in the light" with friends. If you are not ready to seek a balance and work on your social skills, think about whether you need such sacrifices.

Even if loaded with orders, do not forget to spend time with friends and family

4. You need equipment. At the initial stage, there will be enough computer with Internet access. But the further, the more equipment you may need: dictaphones, microphones, cameras, tripods, reflectors - the list can be endless. Prepare part of the income to invest back into business.

5. Misunderstanding of others. It will be difficult for you to explain to family and friends what you are doing and why you stopped going to work, like "all normal people".

So, before writing an application for dismissal and loudly slam the door at the main place of work, weigh the pros and cons. Perhaps, at first it is worth trying to make freelancing your work, a source of additional income, a kind of hobby. If, after a month or two, the desire to quit everything and start a new life does not pass, take risks! I'm sure you'll succeed!
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