Folk remedies for colds: treatment and prevention

Treatment of common cold at home should be done very carefully. If complications arise or there is no improvement, it is necessary to urgently contact your doctor. Treatment "grandmother methods" is effective at the beginning of the disease, as well as in an integrated approach. Natural components work well as a supplement to medical therapy prescribed by a health worker.

Quickly cure for a cold with folk remedies with the help of decoctions

The main cause of the disease is uncontrolled reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms in human systems. so the basic measure in the treatment of the common cold is the strengthening of the body's own defenses. With strong immunity the body can easily cope with the virus and the cold will quickly pass without complications.

The first action in case of discomfort should be compliance with the drinking regime. The fluid intake should increase by a factor of 1.5. It can be warm water, however it is much more effective to drink tea with lemon, linden, thyme and raspberries. Every folk remedy has a certain effect on the body. Therefore, when treating colds with folk remedies at home, it is better to know them. The action includes:
  • thyme. The best antimicrobial agent for diseases of the respiratory tract. The sweating qualities of the folk remedy reduce the temperature and heat. In addition to bronchodilator, the herb benefits the nervous system. Thymus helps to normalize sleep and get rid of nervous tension;
  • raspberries. Has an expectorant effect and helps to remove the spasm of the walls of the respiratory tract. actively used as fruits, and decoctions of the branches of raspberries. They help reduce the temperature and pressure in a sick person;
  • Linden. For the treatment, lime blossoms with perianth are used. Thanks to the diaphoretic action they help quickly get rid of the flu and colds. In this case, flowers have a soft sedative effect on the entire body. I help to gather strength to fight infection.
When administering a drink, one should remember the miraculous properties of lemon and ginger. It is very useful to prepare tea from them, adding a little honey. Such a drink tones up the entire Oganizm, heals and gives a good mood.

Treatment with folk remedies with the help of grinding

Balsams for grinding are better to use after the body temperature has normalized. Rubbing and similar manipulations can cause it to increase.

Essential oils must be used for cooking. They will have a warming effect and help to successfully combat the manifestations of the common cold and cough. Rasirat they need chest, forehead and paranasal sinuses. It is also effective before bedtime massage with the use of foot balm baling.

For a basis it is necessary to take warmed up wax. In it you need to add components such as:
  • shea butter of the first grade. Preferably use a cold-pressed product (7ml);
  • coconut oil (3ml);
  • fir oil (2 drops);
  • lavender and tea tree oil (1 drop each);
  • eucalyptus and lemon oil (3 drops each)
Shea butter and coconut oil serve as base oils for cooking. With their dosage it is possible to control the saturation of the balm. To treat children with this folk remedy, it is better to keep the proportions of additional components and increase the content of base oils by two times.
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