Passion for shopping: a disease or a cure for stress?

After a day's work, you decided to go to the mall - in the window there are amazing shoes, and you just need to update the wardrobe by spring. Around cosmetics, jewelry, beautiful clothes that whisper "buy me." Well, how can I restrain myself?

You think a minute, then try on, and now you are on hand. In most cases, then you will reproach yourself for this, that you spent so much money on unnecessary purchases. But it's not for long, after a couple of days you will go shopping again in search of "necessary" things.

Let's see why we are sometimes covered by an irresistible oniomania, and we will learn to stop in time.

Risk group

Most risk of "falling off" to the rash purchases of a girl who, in fact, a lot of savings or in many ways to themselves denied. However, this is not the only risk group.

Most psychologists believe, from the irrepressible desire to "buy whatever be", those people who did not give in to love, did not have support and understanding of relatives and relatives. Also this applies to those who have problems and difficulties already in adulthood. Therefore, you should pay attention to this problem if:
  1. Too strict mom. The most critical words in her heart were from her side, in this case the purchases give a sense of their own weight at the subconscious level.
  2. Money for pocket children's expenses are not provided. Parents believed that you yourself must earn them and understand the value of money. Perhaps there was an envy of girlfriends who could afford to buy an ice cream or a favorite hairpin. Now you can afford it, and therefore spend most of the money on shopping.
  3. At school, you dressed more modest classmates. And up to now, in my heart there is a feeling of uncomfortability, a feeling under the eyes of fashionable women and well-dressed girlfriends. Now you buy new things until the closet stops closing. Then you give all these uncountable outfits to acquaintances, and again raid on the shops. So, you in the soul prove to yourself and others your consistency and success.
  4. You broke up with your soul mate, and now it's painful and insulting. Therefore, you are going to the shopping center in order to dispel your loneliness in the crowd, and buy something interesting and updated for the "new life".

Vicious circle

The mood is critical, I want to please my beloved, for example, to buy a small presencent or a refreshment.

This reaction is quite adequate, the brain is thus protected to overcome discomfort. And now you are going to pamper yourself with shopping, earrings, bracelets, etc. The mood is better due to the fact that during a good shopping brain produces a lot of serotonin - which, as you know, stimulates a good mood.

But be cautious: the subconscious mind immediately becomes accustomed to this rhythm of consolation and derives its formula mood = shopping and buying. The brain keeps saying that if it brings pleasure and satisfaction, then it must be done constantly. . . But unfortunately, euphoria quickly goes away, and there is a sense of guilt "again I spent all the money that was put off on vacation, but instead I bought shoes that do not even have anything to wear!" The mood falls, and you need to go to the store again for the purse that will go to the shoes.

Looking for an alternative

Fortunately, from shoppingomaniya you can "cure" with the help of pleasant and proven "medicine" - new impressions. Going to the cinema and theater, reading books and magazines, walking with children and friends.

To get rid of this tiresome and exhausting dependence, first of all it is necessary to admit and understand that your desire to "buy" - if not a problem, then its shadow. Honestly think and answer the question to yourself: can you simply hide from problems and troubles with the help of purchases? Ask yourself the question: "Why do I buy this? Do I need these things?". And if you understand that the thirst for shopping has gone beyond the reasonable, you need to urgently solve problems and take action.

Learn to raise your mood in other ways - and they certainly are. Think: what else will please you? Love movies - go to the movies for a loud premiere. You can enroll in a swimming pool or take a massage course. Write poetry, grow and give friends exotic plants, take pictures, draw, go hiking and walk with children.

Believe me, you have something to do!
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