Polygamous woman - what is good and bad?

Polygamous are not only men, but also women. Scientists even say that a woman is more polygamous than men, which is confirmed by her ability to disperse, do several things at the same time, engage in intimacy with several men at once, etc. The polygamousness of a woman is simply "strangled" with social framework and morality. This is done, perhaps, specifically by the men themselves in order to ensure the certainty of who the children are born from.

Modern women, like men, go to polygamy rather for psychological reasons, rather than on the call of the body. People are ready to be monogamous, if everything in their lives develops well. Polygamy occurs when a person is psychologically and morally not satisfied with life:
  • Increase self-esteem through numerous admirers.
  • The desire for a lack of love in childhood.
  • Curiosity.
  • Revenge to the opposite sex for the offenses inflicted by specific partners in the past.
  • Dissatisfaction with the current love relationship.
  • Collecting emotions and impressions.
Healthy polygamy is when a person does not want a serious relationship, is honest with himself and other people, no one promises to love, and with everyone agrees only about intimate relationships.

Unhealthy polygamy is when a person is in error, deceives himself in desires ("I want relationships, but I'm not ready to be true"), promises others, swears loyalty, etc.

Modern man can often observe unhealthy polygamy, which is formed under the influence of public opinion and the contradictory nature of desires. A person is afraid to admit that he does not want a relationship, while he wants to be loved. He is afraid to openly tell partners about his intentions, because he understands that not everyone will agree to just be lovers. Such deception gives many "side effects" that affect the person:
  • There is a satiety of feelings and relationships.
  • There is a lack of confidence in the opposite sex, because the projection of its polygamousness is on them.
  • Lack of stability.
  • Absence of deep relationships with people who simply do not have enough time.
  • Spray of the senses.
  • Accumulation of resentment and loneliness.
  • "Weakness" of an abundance of information from different men (women).
  • Disappointment from the failed personal life.
  • Feeling that the body and soul only use.
A woman is polygamous in nature. Man in principle, too, is not required to belong to only one woman. But some people have a need to build strong and long relationships, where both will remain faithful. In this case, it is better to forget polygamy, so as not to bring trouble and not to destroy your own love.
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