Why does the child act up at night

When a child often wakes up at night with moods, the reasons can be mass, from the banal improper regime to childlike cunning. So what is it? Let's figure it out.

Sleeper - the guarantee of a good sleep

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the baby's bed. It is necessary to understand what is the cause of restless sleep in the baby's bed. Perhaps a quiet sleep creates discomfort uncomfortable mattress, a very low or hard pillow, bulky or through a heavy blanket, a TV that rattles in the next room behind a wall, stuffy and stale air.

Correct regime of the bottom of the child

The next step is to promote the regime of the baby's day. It is possible that most of the nocturnal hysteria is a consequence of the fact that the child eats too much or drinks before going to bed. Try to shift the dinner at least 1 hour earlier.

Did you have a good night's sleep? We cut off the day's sleep. Has it been activated before a night's sleep or on the contrary, has not had time to get involved yet? To help, evening walks, for 1-2 hours and before going to bed a warm shower.

Or all the same cunning?

It is necessary to understand that he wants to show the child by night caprices. And what if the little artful beetle for a specific purpose? For example, to climb under the barrel to the parents or get from granny delicious "for a quiet and sweet sleep." It's not possible to give such kindness, otherwise it will develop into a habit, and every night will be just a test for all.

Therefore. . .

. . . at night for the baby no pleasant connivances: games, snacks, moving parents to bed;

. . . in the middle of the night to scold and try to punish the baby there is no point, in a half-sleep state the child simply does not understand and does not realize what, but the dream is guaranteed to evaporate.

. . . the most correct decision is to approach the baby, and not getting him out of the crib "to speak": "the birds want to sleep, the cats want the cakes, the mom and dad want too, and you'll fall asleep when you close your eyes" or sing your favorite lullaby.

Sweet you dreams!
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