6 myths about nutrition and weight loss

We live in captivity of stereotypes, not noticing how much they poison our lives. Thus, we deprive ourselves not only of joy, but also substantially harm our health. Let's defeat stereotypes together!

Black bread is more useful than white bread

In fact, the calorie content of bread, that black is almost identical to white, 100 grams of white - 260 calories, 100 grams. black - 220 cal. Bread is not just a high-calorie, but also a useful product: it contains fiber, vitamin B, micro / macro elements, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and iron. It is generally accepted that the most useful bread, baked from the flour of a variety of coarse grinding.

The main rule is not to abuse, just a few slices a day.

Sour milk is good for health

It all depends on how the milk was squeezed. If it is sour by itself - it can be the work of pathogenic bacteria, for example, more often milk is fermented from the E. coli.

In order to get a useful sour-milk product at home, it is best to take ultra-pasteurized milk as a basis, it does not contain bacteria, and for ripening it is enough to add a little kefir or a special starter.

Low-fat products can all

I want to believe that products from the category of light - a kind of "wand-zashchalochka" for all losing weight. Nevertheless, the main ingredients of the ingredients by which manufacturers make their product lightweight are nothing more than fat and sugar. But, the same on the first opinion harmful sugar is a preservative of natural origin, and fat makes the finished product more pleasant to taste and necessary in density.

Most dietary products contain chemical preservatives, various thickeners, flavor stabilizers, artificial sugar substitutes. Of course, they will help you lose weight, but how does this affect your health?

Strict diets are the most effective

Most diets exclude such components as: protein, fat, carbohydrates, which is absolutely wrong. A common opinion of nutritionists and gastroenterologists: such limitations can become a real catastrophe. Namely: gastrointestinal diseases, nervous and physiological disorders, infertility, and even oncology.

The diet program should be chosen based on their taste preferences and favorite foods, and in this case it can be observed for a long time. For example, do not like buckwheat, buckwheat diets and days will not work, even though the product is useful.

Taboo: book and food

Perhaps many of us have heard that you can not read a newspaper or a book at the same time. Motivating that the person focused on the story line swallows food too fast. But is it?

Science confirmed that a person who reads a book is in no hurry, and chews food thoroughly, which is actually required for normal digestion. Plus, in this version, its "mechanism" works, when you want to sit longer and combine a pleasant and useful

Ate a pill - and order

Well, why limit yourself to delicious food and exhaust yourself with training? After all, it's much easier to switch to diet pills, and after a month flutter like a butterfly! Only here side effects after receiving such funds are unjustifiably high - you will have to pay at best with pressure drops, and at worst with a heart attack.

Diet pills do give an effect, but only temporarily. Some contain stimulants to suppress hunger, others have a diuretic. Weight after their intake really melts, but it does not happen by burning fat, but by separating the body from the liquid.
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