How to manage more: 15 lifjhakov

The most effective ways to increase productivity and manage more in time trouble mode:

1. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle

It is well known that a full rest and physical activity add energy and support in a tone, which is very important for increased efficiency.

2. Prioritize

Determine the priority question at the moment and spend the majority of your time solving it.

3. Try the two minute rule

If you can accomplish a task in two minutes, do not postpone it for later - then it will be more difficult for him to return, and more time can be required for temporary expenses. For example, to wash a plate for more than a couple of minutes does not take, but if you throw it in the sink, the dried remains will then be washed longer.

4. Rule 5 minutes

It's a little bit different: if the task seems big and difficult, do not try to solve it all at once. Arrange a 5-minute work, and there, maybe, and get involved and finish it. And even if it is not, the part has already been solved, which also pleases.

5. Do you want to master some skill flawlessly?

Train it constantly, not arranging big breaks, and each time the performance of some work will take less time. In any case, this is obvious. For example, in the case of writing: the longer and more you write, the easier and faster it is given.

6. Lock Your Habits

As a skill allows you to deal with matters faster, and useful habits make our life easier: with them we perform routine tasks not from under the stick.

7. Implement tools

Now there are many gadgets, services, applications that facilitate any work. However, do not overdo it: use only what is needed, otherwise the abundance of extra "helpers" will only confuse you and slow you down.

8. Plan

Start small: make a plan for the day in the morning. However, you can make it in the evening. Then do not forget to write a short report for the day or a short note in the diary. This will streamline your thoughts and allow you to mark progress in the tasks.

9. Record

You can record not only plans and reports, but also any ideas and spontaneously arising business. Do not rely solely on your own memory, especially when you are multi-tasking. Unload your head, and she will think faster.

10. Use the Pomodoro technique

Especially good when you need to meet deadline and not be distracted by anything else. The bottom line is to break the time period into parts for 25 minutes and take breaks for 5 minutes. However, it is possible to do these intervals of time and less, depending on your task. Tools are used the most diverse: from a kitchen timer to a bot in Telegram.

11. Do not be distracted by checking mail

The same applies to social networks and messengers. This greatly reduces productivity. If it is necessary, do this during a break, or even better, set a certain time for checking mail and social networks and do not violate it.

12. Group small tasks

Just such small things: reading a messenger, a scheduled call - and you can group into a separate task, giving it some time.

13. Delegate

The thing that would take too much of your time, or something with which the other will do much better, try to pass on to someone else. Do not take too much on yourself.

14. Learn to say "no"

The inverse rule. For example, if colleagues try to put their duties on you, of course, you will not be able to do something out of your direct duties. The same situation can happen in the family. Analyze if you do not do someone else's work, and give it up.

15. Old methods of carrots or stick are also working

Not everyone is helped by fines or public commitments, but at least try this method. But it is even more pleasant to stimulate a "delicious" for doing a great job. This is not necessarily food in the strict sense. It may be something that you rarely allow yourself in eternal vanity. So arrange a small celebration - but after the realization of the goal.

And you have proven methods, how to manage to do more things? In general, often something does not have time? Share in the comments.
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