The best exercises for losing weight

Summer Is Coming. And therefore it is not a sin to think about improving one's own figure. Do you want to catch the admiration of the representatives of the strong half of humanity during the summer holidays? Then it's worth doing yourself right now. In order to help everyone who is not indifferent to their own appearance, they compile a selection of the best express exercises, which start working immediately.

Her Majesty Planck

In the rating of effective exercises, the bar occupies an honorable first place. It is ideal for office workers and anyone who leads a sedentary lifestyle.

Plank - an effective exercise for weight loss

The following facts apply to undeniable advantages:
  1. Very little space is required for execution.
  2. Regular execution is the key to success.
  3. Saving time - a day is enough to give from 1 minute .
This is a very effective exercise that requires a minimum of space and time. 2-3 weeks of regular training guarantee significant changes.

Varieties of the bar

There are many ways to perform this exercise. In each specific case a certain group of muscles is involved. The most popular varieties are:
  • classical bar;
  • on the elbows;
  • lateral;
  • complicated.

Classical bar

The support goes to the straightened arms and toes of both legs.

Exercise time-tested

Elbow strap

It is considered a complicated version of the classical exercise. It is the same. The only difference is the support goes to the elbows.

Complicated version of the classics

Side lath

The body is turned sideways to the floor. The support goes to the straightened arm and the identical leg. Thus, a person balances.

Side bar - guarantee of the figure of the dream

Exercise is very effective. Actively worked out the muscles of the hands, the press, the back.

Complicated lath

It is similar to the classical exercise. However, this version assumes only two points of support - one arm and the opposite leg.


This is the best exercise for the gluteal muscles. Quickly puts in order the figure, making it more feminine and attractive.

To make the exercise work as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to know about the correct technique of implementation and to follow recommendations without fail. This applies to any type of physical activity.

Squats - the ideal exercise for pumping the buttocks

Technique of execution

When carrying out the exercise, you must follow the following tips:
  1. The feet should not come off the floor.
  2. Legs shoulder width apart.
  3. Do not tumble forward or backward.
  4. Back bent.
  5. Squats should be as deep as possible (not to the parallel with the floor - deeper).
Where to keep your hands? How convenient. As an option, you can close your hands in the lock in front of the chest or behind the head. In this position it is convenient to keep the balance.


Surprisingly, this exercise since times of far-distant childhood in the rating of effective loads for working out the press occupies one of the first lines. The technique is quite simple, and the result will not take long.

Push ups

Push-up - a pledge of beautiful hands and a tight chest

Want to have a beautiful chest and arms? Push-up ensures the desired effect.

There are many options for exercise. The most common are:
  • classical push-ups from the floor;
  • push-ups from the wall;
  • push-ups from the floor with knees lowered to the floor;
  • push-ups from a support with the hands withdrawn back.

Stand against the wall

This exercise is a nice bonus for everyone who has read to this point. About him very few people know. And the effect comes as quickly as possible. At the same time, the gluteal muscles, legs, back and press swing well. The exercise is universal and amazes simple execution.

Technique of execution

To perform, you need an empty, level wall. And that's all. The sequence of actions is as follows:
  1. First, you need to lean against the surface.
  2. Bend your knees at a right angle, as if sitting on an invisible chair.
  3. Leaning on the wall with your back, hold out for at least a minute in this position.
Regular execution of the proposed exercises guarantees an immediate result and a slender body by the summer.
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