Layfhaki for girls

Throughout life, the beautiful half of humanity is struggling to not lose this title, and the matter is troublesome. But in the arsenal of girls there are many super-receivers that allow them to always be on top.

Tone of lipstick

If the lipstick does not look the same as on the package, do not like its shade, which is obtained on the lips - first apply the concealer on clean lips and thoroughly shade. After applying lipstick - it will look like on the package.

Stitching of eyebrows

Economical way: sprinkle with hairspray on the eyebrow brush and comb them.

Unused shadows

Add shadows to the colorless nail polish (if they are pearly - even better) - you will get a lacquer of shade color. Mixing different shadows, we'll get new unusual shades.

Base under the shadow

If the shadows look pale, use a primer - the base under the shadows. So you get a true shade of shadows.

Balm for hair instead of shaving cream

If the shaving cream is over, the hair conditioner (balsam) will help out. We put it on the skin as a habitual cream and shave off the machine.

Volume of eyelashes

To increase the volume of eyelashes, powder with a compact brush, and then apply mascara - eyelashes will become thicker, thicker, larger.

Ideal arrows

The usual paper scotch will help to guide the arrows. Stick a piece in the direction of the future arrow and make up your eyes as usual.

Skin scrub

To care for the skin (without peeling and scrubbing), mix a small amount of soda with a little water and use it as a regular scrub. A great way to eliminate the peeling of the skin and clean it of dead scales.

To correct a make up

The appearance of peeling after applying makeup will correct the usual lip balm: apply to problematic areas accurately, pointwise.

Bruises under the eyes

To hide fatigue and bruises caused by lack of sleep, a pink concealer will help. Apply it as a foundation, and on top of any solid shade.

Pleasant smell of hair

To smell the curls was pleasant, sprinkle a couple of times with a comb of your favorite perfume and comb your hair as usual.

Facial scrub

If the scrub for the face is over, mix the sugar and shaving foam and apply to the cleansed face. Shaving foam softens the skin and prevents irritation, and sugar removes dead skin particles and perfectly cleanses.

Eyebrow Correction

For very sensitive skin, use ice cubes. Apply for a short while to the correction site - the ice will cool the skin and it will become less sensitive.

Moisturize the lips

To moisturize your lips or prepare them for applying a matte lipstick: apply your favorite balm or a thick layer of petroleum jelly. Attach a piece of food film, leaving minutes to 20. Lips will become incredibly soft.

Hand care

To give velvety skin to the hands, make a home scrub from sugar and liquid soap. After use, apply a nourishing hand cream.

Cover for nail polish

So that the lacquer lid does not dry up to the tube, apply a thin layer of lip balm to the thread of the tube.

Expressiveness of make-up

To give expressiveness to natural make-up, if you once draw arrows - take a soft black pencil or eyeliner. Draw the intermittent arrow - the white space between the cilia.

Testing Lipstick

When testing lipstick, it should be applied not on the wrist, but on the pads of the fingers - they have a pinkish color and resemble a shade of lips.

If the lips crack

Drying and cracked lips will save a simple mask. In a small container, mix the thick honey, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1 tsp. baby oil. Apply for a couple of minutes a mask, rinse and moisten with lip balm.

Freckles on the face

Natural freckles are back in fashion. To create their effect, use a liquid equalizer and a brush for the arrows. We lighten the fingers with natural fingers and freckles are ready.

Lip Liner

To draw a straight line for the lips, the pencil should be well honed. Draw a cross on the upper lip, circle the corners of the lips and the lower part of the lip. Connect on these strokes.


In order not to blur eyelids while staining eyelashes, lower the mirror down, and looking down, paint your eyelashes. So you just do not smear anything.
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