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In their desire to have many beautiful clothes women are irresistible. But there comes a time when there are so many outfits that they "eat" the living space of their mistress. How do you get rid of the unnecessary and unnecessary clothes?

It all depends on the condition, the type of clothes.

If things are good, branded, in excellent condition, but for different reasons you are not worn (do not fit in style, do not link with others), you can sell them yourself or give them in good hands.

Home Sale

Call neighbors and girlfriends and invite for a home sale.

  • the buyer himself comes for the goods;
  • helps to clean the apartment from a pile of things;
  • friends and neighbors are embarrassed to sell unnecessary clothes at a high price.

Sell ​​online

Place an announcement about selling things via the Internet: in social networks, on specialized sites.

  • You can get money for the outfits without leaving home if you make an appointment with the buyer at home.
  • There is a possibility of selling things to residents of other cities. In modern society, more and more translations are made through payment systems - with payment there will be no problems.
  • High competition: many people who want to get rid of old things. For the effectiveness of sales, you need to learn the basics of advertising, marketing, photography.
  • Inviting unknown people home is dangerous.

Commission shop

  • In most stores, things are almost in perfect condition (strict quality control).
  • When assessing clothes, they look at: the condition of the fabric, the brand, the time when the client asked for the service (take on the season).
  • Under the contract, the thing is on sale exactly 45 days. If you did not sell, you can pick up by paying 5% for storage.
  • You can get only 65% ​​of the cost of the goods, and 35% goes to the middleman - the store. I'll have to follow the fate of the thing handed over, pay fines for its storage.
  • Although the terms of sale in the commission shop are not the most profitable, but there are a large number of potential buyers.

Shops at low prices

Give things to charity stores for sale, if things are up-to-date, in good condition, but no one is going to wear them. The store will accept them, sell them at low prices, and transfer money to charitable organizations.

Network store

If things with defects (torn, smudges), become a specialized store.

For this, take the things in the package during the next shopping. In many network companies, there are actions to collect worn things - they are sent to Germany for processing.

The fate of a thing depends on its condition:
  • insulating materials;
  • second hand;
  • on rags used in the farm;
  • they are burned - they turn into free energy.
  • There is no strict quality control. In a specialized box at the checkout, things are omitted only in the package.
  • As a reward, a 15% discount on one new thing. It operates from six months to a year. Participation in a useful action is "Eco-friendly fashion".
  • The discount is valid only in a particular store.
  • Real money on the hands of no one will give - no profit.

Give in good hands

If the clothes are worn, but obsolete morally: clean, wash, sew all the hinges and buttons, check the seams and stitches.

Such things should be given to poor, needy people:
  • carry them to the temples;
  • in social centers, special charitable organizations that are engaged in helping the poor and disadvantaged.

Remaking old things

For creative people, there are other ways to get rid of unnecessary clothes:
  • Weaving of rugs and rugs from pieces cut into strips.
  • Remaking: from clothes for adults sew a new thing for the child.
  • From men's shirts, shirts to sew pretty kitchen aprons.
  • Update your favorite knitted shirts: cut the hem on the bottom, make horizontal cuts on the back and, stretching out to the sides, twist the pigtail from top to bottom.
  • Dissolve knitwear, knitted sweaters, pullovers, and from yarn to tie modern clothes, pillowcases to cushion-cushions, made by crocheting.
  • Weaving from soccer jersey handbags, beauticians.
  • Update the upholstery of furniture, make covers for chairs and stools.
  • Sewing toys, dolls Tild.
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