Why take a child on vacation?

Almost everyone has been associated with unlimited happiness, freedom and rest since childhood. Study is over. End of homework and other "horror stories" associated with the school. This is a real relief for both children and indefatigable parents. It was during the whole school year that they helped their young people to gnaw the granite of science day and night. And now, now their children are free. It is necessary to strain the whole imagination in order to occupy the children with something useful.

Games in the yard

The best option is to play in the fresh air. The benefit of vitamin D has not been canceled. And in the summer it is easiest to get.

Pouring each other's water - fun and useful

There are two options. It all depends on where you live - in an apartment or a private house. In the courtyard of the apartment building there will surely be a dozen or two children who will make up the company for your offspring.
In the courtyard of a private house you can make a "halabud" - to build an improvised house for the guys from improvised materials.


Both girls and boys agree with the same enthusiasm to go fishing. It's fresh air, and amazing landscapes! Fishing can be part of a family trip to nature.

Fishing - rest for the whole family

Fishing is a great holiday, which will bring a lot of positive emotions. And when you come home, everyone can boast of their own catch.

Grandmother in the village

The summer spent at the grandmother in the village is the best time in my life. Granny always nourishes, pampered, everything is resolved. Delicious pies and other goodies - just do not list. Is it possible to dream of anything more?

The village is an island of tranquility amid a stormy life

Almost in every village there is a pond where you can have fun with local children. This is the best holiday that you can imagine.


On vacation, each schoolboy is given a list of literature, which he is obliged to read in the summer. Not always it is interesting, fascinating works, which are read volley. But they need to be read, because they are most often included in the school curriculum for the next academic year.

Since childhood, a child needs to inculcate a love of reading

Easier to create your own "parent" list of literature or let yourself choose something for your own taste.

Summer camp

This option - a real wand-zashchalochka for working parents, who do not have the opportunity to leave the child with his grandmother. Children have different attitudes towards similar institutions. For some, this is a "real prison", for others it is a meeting place with old friends.

The opinion of the child about the summer health camp largely depends on the mood of the parents. To adjust yesterday's schoolboy is necessary only for positive - and then everything will be fine.

Children's camp is a place where you do not have to be bored

Very difficult to tolerate a stay in the camp of first-graders, who for the first time for such a long time go alone without a mother . Such children need special attention and constant employment and enthusiasm. It will be very good if there is a psychologist in the camp who, in case of excesses, will help to settle everything.

The camp has several advantages :
  • permanent employment;
  • new friends;
  • daily holidays;
  • in some cases - the opportunity to relax at sea.
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