Female hair loss is a myth or a harsh reality?

Twenty-five percent of women experience hair loss. That is, every fifth woman suffers from this problem. It's a pretty high percentage, is not it? But advertising campaigns are almost entirely aimed at persuading women to buy expensive means to preserve or improve the condition of the hair. As a rule, they say beautiful words about smoothness, silky and soft, only occasionally mentioning hair loss. Not to mention baldness. No one wants to believe that he is balding, and even more so a woman.

Why is hair thinning?

Men and women begin to grow bald for different reasons. This is explained by androgenetic alopecia and came to us from our distant ancestors. Practically with absolute certainty it can be said that all our ancestors suffered from hair loss. In women, the main causes of baldness can be: pregnancy, thyroid disease and other diseases that violate the balance of hormones in the female body.

Did you know that your hair style can be the cause of hair loss? Very often women like to make such hairstyles that draw hair, breaking the flow of blood to the scalp. In addition to tight hairstyles, hair loss can cause the use of certain medicines. For example, medications for diabetics, diuretics, antidepressants, cancer chemotherapy can lead to temporary hair loss.

If you find that your hair is thinning, try to figure out the reason before buying all the known remedies for hair loss that is on store shelves. Perhaps you have dieted, or radically changed your diet, and maybe changed shampoo and now use one that does not suit you - there are a lot of reasons. So do not rush to take medicines or use folk methods until you understand why it started just for you.

Hair treatment options

If the cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, treatment options are available. You can be helped by a remedy that increases the flow of blood to the hair follicles. This is not a miracle cure, but it gives hope to women who are uncomfortable with hair loss.

The purpose of such a means is the resumption of the process of hair growth. With the same condition, work is also being done for men. In addition to medicines and drugs available in pharmacies and stores, ladies can apply to a specialist for hair restoration. Of course, this procedure is far from cheap, but exactly what it is done by a professional and in the corresponding clinic makes it a priority in the eyes of women. As a result, it is possible not only to stop hair loss, but also to strengthen the hair structure and accelerate their growth.

Men and women have heterogeneous causes of hair loss. In men, bald spots and bald spots are formed, while in women the hair becomes thinned and brittle not in one place, but over the entire head. If you began to notice that your hair is not as thick as before, and their condition is not the most healthy, rush to a specialist!
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