How to attract money

No feng shui talismans in the form of Chinese coins and toads with money will not help make a fortune if you do not make an effort. Lying on the couch and shaking his leg, the material blessings on us do not sprinkle in the form of heavenly manna - you need to work! But to adjust the cash flow and help material well-being come into your life you can, if you use the following tips.

The right wallet

The choice of a wallet for yourself must be approached with all responsibility. With a careless approach to this acquisition, material prosperity will not visit you. If the "house" for money is correct, it will never suffer from emptiness:
  • A purse or purse should be comfortable and cause only positive emotions from its owner.
  • It matters both the size, the color, and the material from which the object is made for storing cash.
  • Not all shades of red like bills and coins: undesirable bright red and fiery-red. Favorable for improving the financial situation of the product are brown, yellow, black, silver and gold.
  • A purse is a good gift, especially if it is the right one. When donating to him, they must put money, called to attract their "brothers". Donating an empty wallet will negatively affect the financial situation of both the giver and the recipient.
  • Purse - not an urn for old checks, not a store for business cards, photographs of relatives, plastic cards - money does not go to such places.
  • The "right" wallet should be made of natural material. Synthetics - a serious obstacle to the flow of money.

Happy bill

In a purse it is desirable to have a happy unmodified bill in the "secret" compartment - it will be your monetary talisman, and how a magnet will attract cash flows to itself. This note can be from a large amount you received as a prize for a successfully completed project, or as a cash presentation for an anniversary. It's very fortunate if the note is obtained from the hands of a person who is much richer than you. Spending a happy money is in no case impossible!

Thoughts are material

  • We stop thinking about money as something indecent. The times of universal equality have long since passed: everyone has exactly as much as he has worked. And to dream about the material blessings earned deservedly, is not a sin and no vice. Forget about rejection and shame.
  • Stop feeling before money panic fear and horror: how to store? how to dispose of it? and suddenly rob? A person's firm conviction that money will bring him only evil, problems and discomfort will always stand in the way of his financial well-being, and hence - to a successful life.
  • Envy and anger against other people's wealth will be serious causes of your financial problems.

For all you have to pay

This is the sacred law of the universe: if it has arrived somewhere, it has necessarily decreased in another place. Is not this balance? If in some way lucky, as they say, "for free", then you will have to pay for it doubly. And the worst thing is not always money, but also health.

This also applies to the material means received by the "easy way". The money that was found was won in the lottery, should be easily wasted, not lying down in the vault.

What you give, you will get

  • The law of boomerang here is in force: the more we give, the more it returns to us. Try with any amount that came to you in the form of income, donate 10% to charity. You will notice the result very soon.
  • Do not be afraid to overpay, you must be careful not to pay. If the seller in the store gave you an extra change - it must be returned.
  • Money should work. The more you spend them on yourself, the greater the amount you will return.

On money do not complain

We can not negatively talk about what allows us to live and receive the essentials for life. As they say, you can not spit in the well, where you get the vital energy. And if it is not enough, you need to look for legitimate sources of income, work better.

Money like an account

According to folk signs, the guarantee of wealth is the regular recalculation of money and their written records. To protect yourself from lack of money, it is better not to consider funds after sunset and in the evening.

A penny a ruble protects

Folk wisdom says: money to money. Whatever you buy, you should always have at least a small change in your wallet - do not shovel it all to the end.

In seasonal clothes, stored for storage, pockets should not be empty: let them lie on a coin and attract the rest - this is the magic property of money.

Monetary signs

  • Do not waste money on payday - give them the opportunity to spend the night in a purse.
  • Pick up a trifle on the street is not worth it - it can be a heap of negativity: you will not get rich, but only problems you will find.
  • To avoid losses, do not put bills and coins on the kitchen table.
  • Cash can not be transferred from hand to hand - there is always some kind of surface where you can put them.
  • Do not take on debt before the New Year - all year in debt will be.
  • The loan for the wedding is the most senseless. It is believed that the couple will need the whole family life.
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