How to receive as a gift what you want

First of all, I want to note that in fact, men like to make pleasant surprises to their chosen ones. This is one of the simplest ways to manifest one's nature.

If you just thought: "Oh, it's not about my!" - most likely, you have already made a lot of mistakes in the relationship. It's time to correct them.

To receive, it is necessary to give

Imagine that gifts from a man are raspberries in the country. You can draw a delicious berry on a wish sheet or come to a plot of land and persuade him to give a harvest. And still, it will be much more effective to take the garden tools and to take care of the bush. And you need to do this regularly, and not just when the berry wants.

Ask yourself simple questions:
  • How does a man feel next to me?
  • Do you want to give in this state?
If you do not inspire a man, do not make him happier, he will increasingly tend to make you gifts.

Thank you in the right way.

Have you noticed any such phrases?
  1. Again roses? How many times do you tell me that I love lilies. . .
  2. And what today for a holiday? In the sense - without any reason? Something to hide?
  3. Oh, well, you, it was not worth spending. . . It's impractical, after all. . .
If you want the wrong bouquet or another gift to be the last one, you are on the right track. On the other hand, if you accept gifts completely silently, as a matter of fact, this option is not better.

A man needs to feel his importance, so give him emotions! Praise not so much a present as the gift itself (the most generous, wonderful, beloved ...) If you have difficulties expressing feelings, try to copy the behavior of little girls. See how they jump with joy and admire every little thing! Everyone likes to pamper little princesses, because they know that they will get pleasant emotions from this
Important: If the gift really turned out to be completely inappropriate, and you can manage to exchange it, it is better to admit it, so as not to receive unnecessary henceforth. Just pick the right moment and tactful words for this.

Learn how to ask

This simple formula for many becomes a revelation. Men are not telepaths! It will be easier for you to please, if you just ask for it. But not in the "buy immediately" format, but in the dialogue in which you will tell how much more joyful you will be in a new dress or how skillfully you will learn to do for him the only massage if he pays for the relevant courses.

If the man did not immediately respond to the request, do not be offended: this does not mean that he will never fulfill it. Perhaps he was preoccupied with his thoughts and missed the words, or your desire does not fit into his budget. Repeat later which gift you would very much like to receive, and add arguments. For example: "If I had a car, you would not have to worry about me every evening for me, as I got from work."
Important: If your relationship is just beginning, do not directly demand expensive gifts. A man may think that you treat him solely as a resource, and will begin to treat you accordingly. Do not turn the relationship into a trade.


Do not underestimate the importance of gifts. Their presentation is one way of communicating with you. And the less he will invest in you, the less will appreciate you in due course.

If for now these words seem empty for you, look at the familiar pairs. For sure in those whose relationship seems like an example for you to follow, a man often pampers his beloved without reason. Do you want the same? Learn to give in relationships and give thanks. It is for such moments that a man will repay a hundredfold.
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