Creative crisis: how the author to avoid burning out

They say that the ancient Greek orator Demosthenes, in order to keep from procrastination and force himself to work, shaved his hair on half his head. Since in this form he would look ridiculous, he involuntarily had to stay at home and create. If you are not ready for such extreme measures of motivation, I suggest several ways how to overcome the writer's block. Especially relevant for those who are not limited to the scope of the given topic: bloggers, SMM-managers and other free authors.

Keep a journal

Now the most popular content is in the blogger style, where the topic is missed through personal perception, where the author shares his own experience. Where to take experience is a separate topic. While we accept that you have it, but to speed up the process of removing it from memory, transfer it to a written form. Hereinafter, the written form is called conditionally: it can be any application for notes in the smartphone, and even a dictaphone for speaking out loud all thoughts.

Write ideas in notepad

Here you can already record everything, and not just personal experience. We saw a beautiful quote - there, it will come in handy someday. Listened to a webinar or a podcast, read a new book - also necessarily outline all the main thoughts. Just got an idea in my head - do not keep it there, write it down. I know from my own experience, after a while, she flies out of my head. And on paper, everything is before you. If you already have a diary, review it. Surely there are a couple of ideas lying around, or those that you have not covered yet. I so casually flipped through my diary over the past years and snatched out the idea of ​​making a review on the YouTube channel of comical misprints. Quickly collected material for several days, shot the movie and released by the First of April. By the way, while writing, there was also the idea of ​​a new contest. Great, I just write it down!

Spot ideas

Take ideas for posts and notes in comments of subscribers and questions of clients (partners, etc.). I'm not talking about "theft of ideas", rather, here we mean the illustrative material for future work and just some insights based on other people's materials.

Collect additional materials

If the topic / idea of ​​the article already exists, collect the material. Illustrations, examples, arguments. Of course, if an article or even a book is voluminous, analytical, one can not do without a questioning of "witnesses" and experts. Additionally, I advise you to collect all notes somewhere offline, and not just to know that they are on the Internet. That's literally in the preparation of this article was burned: I wanted to see additional material from a friend in VC on my personal page, but he was blocked.

Do not edit immediately!

If there is a flow of inspiration, do not disturb him. Write down everything that came to your mind. But the best is first the most basic. You can supplement it later when editing. It is usually advised to let the text lie down until the morning or even a few days. But then look at the circumstances, how big and deep the material is. It's one thing - a small note for five hundred characters, another - a long or a whole book. In any case, after finishing the work on the text, take a break and then necessarily edit. Add the missing and remove unnecessary where necessary, correct typos. If possible, first read to one reader: a friend, colleague, or specialist specializing in texts - or use the spell check service. If necessary, correct it again.

Creative crises and stagnation happen to everyone, even great writers, so do not be sad if this happened. However, remember: the more you write, the less likely to arise a creative crisis and the easier it will be to enter a state of inspiration. So write more, even on the table, it will still be useful for your development as an author.
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