Shershe la lama: dishes with historical names

Gold inks inscribed the names of famous ladies in the culinary book of memory. On the eve of the main spring holiday, it is appropriate to recall them with respect and gratitude.

Pizza Margarita

Once the Italian monarch married couple wanted to taste something simple that the common people eat. The court cook is accustomed to prepare delicious delicacies, not dishes for the poor, so he asked to fulfill the royal request of a local Neapolitan baker - the owner of one of the pizzerias.

As a respectable subject, he respected the state symbolism, which found expression in the choice of food for the dish: ripe tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil greens - personified the colors of the national flag. The wife of King Umberto came to gastronomic delight and wrote thanks to pizzaillo, handing the king a letter to the master, and a grateful loyal citizen named his culinary work the name of his queen - Margarita .

Cookies Madeleine

French miniature cookies based on a biscuit dough prepared from the usual products and baked in shapes similar to sea shell figurines. In the middle of the XVIII century in Paris, the former Polish king gave a ball and a gala dinner in his castle. But, as the French say, c'est la vie: before the event, the court cook unexpectedly fell ill and under threat was the preparation of a sweet treat for the guests.

The situation was saved by the smart maidservant Madeleine , who cooked pastries in the form of shells according to her grandmother's recipe. Everyone was delighted with dessert and offered to call it by the name of a girl whose golden hands made a splash among the eminent nobility.

Charlotte with apples

Each housewife has her own special recipe for this pie, and the classic is an open pie with apples, vanilla and cinnamon.

The legend says: the British king - a rare sweetness - experienced that in England there are no traditional national sweets. His cook received the task: to come up with an uncomplicated but tasty dish, which will be recognized everywhere and will be considered English. The result delighted the monarch and he called the pie in honor of his wife - Queen Charlotte .

Classic charlotte is an open apple pie with vanilla and cinnamon

Cake of Pani Waleswska

The original cake recipe included sand cakes, meringues and cream. Modern confectioners add jam - plum or currant. This popular Polish dessert is known long ago outside the alma mater of this culinary masterpiece. The name of the treat is directly related to the well-known young woman in Poland - a famous beauty of noble birth with very patriotic attitudes and moods - Maria Valevskaya .

Napoleon Bonaparte himself longed for its location, and the "bastions fell," most likely for political and patriotic reasons: Maria worried about the freedom and independence of her Motherland. She left early this world at the age of 31, but there was an unknown confectioner, fascinated by a luxurious woman who created a delicacy worthy of her greatness and name in memory of her.

Pearly dessert "Pompadour"

In history, only one person is mentioned, with the name of more than five dozen culinary dishes. Of course, this is the Marquis de Pompadour - the legendary favorite of the King of France Louis XV . For the long 20 years she was first the lady of his heart, then a friend and adviser. Pompadour was known dock not only in bed with the king, but also an excellent culinary in the court kitchen.

As a striking example, it is enough to bring a pear dessert: boiled in a sweet syrup with an alcoholic shade of pears, later stuffed with chopped walnuts. As a supplement - whipped cream and orange juice.

Peach Melba

This is a vanilla ice cream dessert with peel peel peel and raspberry sauce.

The French chef of a London restaurant dedicated his masterpiece to opera star Nellie Melbe , in honor of her triumphant participation in the premiere of Wagner's opera. The confectioner wanted to please the singer, adored ice cream, but feared for her vocal cords, so in a peach dessert, ice cream was just the basis for the towering slide of ripe fruit.

Dessert more than a century is popular in the US and is recognized as a classic of the genre.

Pavlova - a duet of whipped cream and tender meringue

Dessert "Anna Pavlova"

This is the perfect sweet treat: a flat cake of egg-white meringue, originally served with berries or fruit in a duet with whipped cream. But the filing can also be portioned.

There was a recipe from the light hand of the Australian confectioner, admired by the talent of the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova , whom he had the good fortune to contemplate during her lengthy tour. A light air cake was prepared for her birthday. Impressed dancer, who was following her figure, fearlessly regaled herself and allowed her name to be given to a confectionery masterpiece.

Tsvetaevsky apple pie

The dessert's salt lies in the harmony of the acidity of apples and the creamy sweetness of home-made sour cream.

According to legend, it was this Russian apple delicacy that the poetess Marina Tsvetayeva and her sister Anastasia treated many friends who stayed at their dacha with a rich apple orchard. Even in the book of memoirs of the younger sister of the poetess, there was a decent place with a mention of apples, pies and baked goods on sour cream.
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