How to strengthen immunity to an adult

Man is already born with a congenital immune system, genetically inherited from his parents. But from the first days of his birth he receives and acquired immunity, which develops gradually, when the baby contacts the environment.

A little bit about immunity

The human immune system produces lymphocytes, which are also called white blood cells. After the attack of harmful microorganisms, the lymphocytes begin to produce antibodies that will fight the "invaders". If a person has strong immunity, then his body can easily cope not only with bacteria, but also with other harmful substances that threaten the body, which can come with food, polluted air, etc. Lymphocytes "remember" a familiar microbe, and if they can recognize, immediately attack, so cope with the threat much faster and easier.

How to understand that it is time to strengthen the immunity

The fact that the immune system is not in order, can often indicate a recurring cold. An adult who has fallen ill with ARI or ARVI about 2 times a year can safely say that he has strong immunity. During the flu epidemic, when you are among patients who sneeze and cough, it is not always possible to avoid colds. If you have to go to the hospital about 4-6 times a year, and sometimes more, there are complications, then this can talk about the weakening of immunity. There are other signs:
  • you even have a small wound for a long time does not heal and become inflamed;
  • you are tormented by fatigue, weakness, you always want to sleep;
  • Herpes often began to appear on her lips;
  • you have aching muscles and joints.
If a person has serious illness, symptoms may appear, similar to signs of weakened immunity. Therefore, before you strengthen immunity, take a test, make sure that you do not suffer from any disease. So, often parents treat a child for a cold, and the cause of its appearance is an unrecognized allergy. If you make skin tests and a blood test for immunoglobulin E, it becomes clear whether the baby suffers from an allergy or whether it has really weakened immunity.

The main reasons for the weakening of immunity

The immune system of a person becomes weak due to a number of factors, we list the main ones:
  1. Chronic diseases. If a patient suffers from any disease, it affects the entire body as a whole, including the work of the immune system.
  2. ARVI, acute respiratory infections and other colds. The more often a person gets cold, the more difficult it is for his immune system to cope with bacteria or viruses.
  3. Strong stress. It is necessary to give up excessive loads, learn to deal with stress, relax, rest more.
  4. Abuse of medicines, especially antibiotics. All tablets, medicines can be taken only on the advice of a doctor. Otherwise, the immune system, instead of fulfilling one's duties, will remove from the body harmful components of drugs or fight the dysbacteriosis that has arisen because of them.
  5. Bad habits. Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes reduce immunity, i.e. the immune system is forced to fight tobacco toxins or other harmful components, instead of protecting the body from bacteria, viruses, cancer cells.
  6. Incorrect nutrition, including hard diets or a seasonal shortage of certain vitamins. To work normally, our immune system must receive all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

How to strengthen immunity

If you carefully read the main reasons for the weakening of immunity, you can already understand how it can be strengthened and restored.

Proper nutrition

The fact that you need to eat right now, and students know. A person should receive along with food the minerals and vitamins necessary to him. In the menu must be present at least 300-500 grams of fresh vegetables and fruits. Do not give up meat and fish. Particularly useful for immunity are vitamins A (carrots, dogrose, tomato juice) and vitamin E (there are a lot of them in vegetable oils). You need to eat citrus and apples, sources of vitamin C and iron.

For immunity to be strong, the body should receive enough zinc (unrefined grain, brewer's yeast) and selenium (beef, garlic, grain bread). But artificial vitamins should not be carried away. They can be prescribed only by a doctor in a certain dosage, if there is evidence.

The immune system consists of different organs, part of the immune cells are formed in the intestine. If the work of the intestine is disrupted, it affects the work of the entire immune system. Therefore, it is so important to include in your menu products-probiotics (kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, katyk, fermented baked milk). Any fermented milk products are useful if they have a short shelf life. They all contain lactic acid, which is a nutrient medium for beneficial human bacteria. If even in the body of these bacteria is not very much, such nutrition will help restore the beneficial microflora. And the same kefir helps to clean and "harmful" microflora of the intestine. Try to buy only fresh yogurt, which has lain on the counter no longer than 1-2 days.

Physical activity and rest

With motor activity, special cells are produced - immunoglobulins, which protect our body. Therefore, and charging, and running in the morning, and walking, and doing any kind of sport will benefit. A daily walk of 30-40 minutes activates not only the immune, but cardiovascular system.

Every day go to bed at the same time, try to sleep at least 8 hours a day. During sleep, melatonin is produced, which also increases immunity. To quickly fall asleep, before going to bed, ventilate the room, do not watch TV one hour before bedtime, refuse at this time and from the computer.

A positive attitude is also very important. Learn to look at your problems in a new way, change your outlook, try not to react sharply to trouble. Because you will be nervous and worried, problems will not be solved, and you can aggravate them by undermining your health.

But to buy in the pharmacy immunostimulants are not worth it. Such drugs should be prescribed only by the doctor, if he is sure that they can not do without them. Otherwise, the human immune system gets used to such help from the outside and stops working. Then, in time, serious problems with immunity can arise. Preparations that can be used to cheer up - ginseng, eleutherococcus, rhodiola rosea, etc.

As we can see, all the tips for strengthening immunity are banal: good nutrition, sleep, exercise, etc. But it is a healthy lifestyle that helps to support the human immune system, for hundreds of centuries so far nothing has been invented. And this is not so bad, because modern man has all the conditions for a normal life, it is necessary only the desire to be always healthy and strong, and also a little patience and perseverance in order to realize everything conceived in life.
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