How correctly to make wishes?

It's good that not all wishes come true. People are sometimes indiscriminate in their aspirations. The universe is wise. She hears our requests. But they are carried out when appropriate circumstances develop, when "time comes". How to correctly refer to the universe, to be heard and most importantly - correctly understood?


The main problem for many is the lack of visualization of the desired. The lines from the fairy tale are involuntarily recalled: "Go there - I do not know where, bring that - I do not know what" That's the Absolute and does not understand. After all, everything is needed in a concrete way. Only in this case the likelihood of the embodiment of the desired is increased.

Live your dream! And all will turn out!

Poster desires

One of the most effective methods of guessing. How to implement it in practice?
  1. It takes a large sheet of paper. It is better if it is a Whatman. The format does not matter. This will be the basis for the poster.
  2. In advance, you need to stock up on old newspapers and magazines - prints, where you can find images of desired objects.
  3. Then it's a little thing. You need to equip yourself with scissors and glue.
  4. Direct design of the poster. Cuttings from magazines with pictures of the desired things are pasted onto the Whatman paper in a chaotic manner.
  5. Further decoration depends on personal taste. You can sprinkle a poster with sequins. You can next to every desire to write an extreme date for its execution.

Poster of desires - visualization of the conceived

Glass of water

Another method that really works. The technique is as follows. It is necessary to take a glass beaker with water, a blank sheet of paper and a pen.

On a sheet of paper you need to write your desire. We put the sheet under the glass.

Next, you need to imagine in your head that there is an imaginary energy ball in your hand. You need to suppress it a little. There must be tension.

Now you need to put your hands on both sides of the glass. Again, we imagine the desire in our mind. Then drink all the water. This ritual must be done in the morning and evening.

This is a very powerful method that will help fulfill the desire in the shortest possible time.

A glass of water will help to fulfill any desire

The correct wording

To reach the Universe, it is necessary to speak in a language understandable to it.
It is necessary to make a wish in the present tense. You can not use negation. No "no"!
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