Smoothie: How to cook at home?

In recent years, the popularity of smoothies has reached such proportions that it is simply impossible to ignore it. It is not necessary to buy this drink in the store, it is easy to cook at home.

A bit of history

For the first time this drink was prepared in America in the 30s of the last century. For about 30 years he needed to become popular in his homeland. Actually, its popularity is largely due to the spread and increased availability of kitchen appliances, without which it is indispensable in the process of its preparation. Unusual for our hearing the name of the cocktail comes from the English word smoothie.

Distinctive features

In fact, smoothies - a cocktail, which has a very thick consistency. Its basis can be with equal success: yogurt, kefir or milk. The set of ingredients varies depending on your personal preferences. Most often, the composition of the drink contains vegetables, berries and fruits, milled to the state of mashed potatoes. It is taken in slightly chilled form.

How to cook?

Despite the fact that the technology of cocktail preparation is incredibly simple, and no one will limit the selection of components, there are certain "proven" combinations of products.
  • Kiwi and banana. Before you send the fruit to the blender, they need to be peeled and cut into small pieces. Banana in a puree state will make the consistency of the drink tender and velvety, but if desired, you can add yogurt or milk to this cocktail.
  • Forest berries and apricots. Definitely this is one of the most fragrant varieties of the drink! For her any ripe berries will suit. Of apricots, be sure to remove bones. The basis of the cocktail can be both yogurt and milk. If desired, you can add a couple of spoons of honey.
  • Pear and apple. Fruits should be peeled and seeds removed. The basis of the cocktail is milk. By the way, this is the case when you can use pre-baked in the oven instead of fresh apples.
  • Cottage cheese and berries. In equal proportions, take berries and cottage cheese. Also, when preparing it is necessary to add a quarter of a banana and half a glass of kefir. Particularly relevant this combination will be for parents, whose children do not particularly favor such a product useful in all respects, like cottage cheese.
  • Chocolate, banana and cranberries. This combination will be appreciated by sweeties, not concerned with calorie counting in their own diet. Banana peel and cut into small pieces. Cranberries should be washed and sent to a blender following a banana. As a basis, 1 cup of yogurt or kefir is used. After the mass is whipped, it should be poured into a tall glass and sprinkled on top with grated chocolate.
Smoothies are unlimited possibilities for culinary experiments. Discover new unusual combinations, mix your favorite vegetables and fruits, please delicious, natural and useful cocktails yourself and your loved ones!
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