The best foreign series of winter 2018

Do you like TV shows? Then save a selection of the most interesting film projects this winter!

Nation Z

The fans expected the fourth season of the series with a special impatience. And it's not surprising: favorite heroes fulfilled their mission, but they could not save humanity. In addition, Murphy's grown-up daughter claims that zombies are reasonable and somewhere deep in their souls are still people!

The creators of the series continue to treat the chosen topic with humor. The stories of the episodes are always interesting, and the images of the main characters cause sincere sympathy.


The series shows the work of Los Angeles rescue personnel. Every day policemen, paramedics and firemen face unexpected situations. In the life of employees, too, problems arise, but they push personal dramas to the background. Again and again, the heroes go to work to save the lives of citizens.

Producer and screenwriter Ryan Murphy shot the series on real events. The main roles were performed by the actors Connie Britton and Angela Basset, whom the audience knows about the project "American Horror History".

Secret materials

In the new season of the series 10 episodes. After a long break, Scully and Mulder are again investigating mysterious crimes. But their main goal is to find a son who was given to foster parents many years ago. Agents look at problems from an unusual point of view, so their fantastic versions arouse genuine interest.

Starring starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Also in the new season will appear Robbie Amell, William B. Davis, Barbara Hershey.

American History of Crimes

The new season of the series is dedicated to the investigation of the murder of Gianni Versace. A well-known fashion designer was shot on the threshold of his house, but the FBI agents were unable to detain the killer in hot pursuit. The creators of the project restored the chain of events and showed viewers what happened that day in fact.

The cast of the series can be called stellar. This time the project involved Penelope Cruz, Ricky Martin, Darren Chris, Edgar Ramirez, Dasha Polanco.

On the other side

The life of a modest Berlin clerk changes at a time when he meets his counterpart from the parallel world. It turned out that even during the Cold War, scientists opened the entrance to a different reality. Since then, both universes have evolved according to their own laws, until a struggle for power has unfolded on the other side of the door. A professional assassin came to our world to destroy possible enemies.

Atmospheric series like the fans of science fiction, spy stories and psychological thrillers.

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