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If you want a nice and good-natured beast, you should consider buying a guinea pig. She will become a wonderful friend for your children, because even a small child can take care of her. Guinea pigs are not at all aggressive, they never attack their master and do not bite. They can be given to a lonely elderly person who does not have the opportunity to keep a dog or cat at home.

Buy guinea pigs

You decided to buy a guinea pig. Is it worth to take one animal, or better to buy a pair? What should be the age of your pet? There can be many questions. We will try to answer them. Remember that guinea pigs live long enough, from 5 to 8 years, with competent care even longer. Think about whether you are willing to take care of them for such a considerable period of time.
  1. Better to take a pair. These animals do not tolerate loneliness, so it is better to buy two guinea pigs at once. If you do not want them to multiply, you can buy pets of the same sex, better than females, because males often fight and find out the relationship between themselves.
  2. The most optimal age is 4-5 weeks. Do not take an animal whose age is less than 1 month, because at this age it is very vulnerable and can die without proper care. Young individuals become more easily accustomed to a person, so they do not recommend taking a pig at age either.
  3. Buy only a healthy animal. If he has dirty villi near the anus, these are signs of diarrhea, you should not buy such a pet. The healthy animal has a shiny coat, the body is movable, the eyes are clear, the feet are dry, and the incisors are clean and even. If the guinea pig is sucking, it has mucous discharge from the nose, eyes are watering, hair with bald spots, it trembles, it is hard for her to breathe, it is better to refuse to purchase.

We create optimal conditions for the pet

To a pet lived a long and happy life, it is necessary to create comfortable conditions for him.


Guinea pigs should live in a spacious cage, the height and width of not less than 60 cm and a length of about 90 cm. Do not put it in a draft, place next to an open window or window, otherwise the animals can catch a cold and die. These rodents do not like bright light, so next to their cage should not be a TV or computer. In the light it becomes inactive, worse eat, so the cage should not be specially illuminated. In the cage, put 2 feeders, one of which will stack the hay, and the other - the grain feed. Do not forget about the drinker. On the floor of the cell you need to fill the filler. As the contamination is changed, the cell itself, like the troughs, drinkers are washed and disinfected.


Feed the animals can be grain mixtures, which are sold in pet stores. In addition, they need to give hay. Guinea pigs will be happy to chew carrots, apples and cucumbers. The last for them - a real treat. These animals have a special digestive system, because of which they need to eat small portions and very often, therefore, food in the cage must be constantly present.

The organism of guinea pigs can not synthesize vitamin C, they should receive it with food. In spring and summer it is necessary to feed them with fresh grass: a dandelion, clover, plantain, etc. Before you feed the mumps with grass, you need to wash it. If you do not have the opportunity to collect grass, you can feed them with lettuce leaves or parsley, which they love very much. Vitamin C is also in white cabbage, but it causes swelling of the stomach, so it should be given in limited quantities. In winter, you can sprout on the windowsill oats and feed this herbs to their pets. They gladly eat this delicacy directly from the hands.


To bathe guinea pigs is not recommended. If they become very dirty, you can atone for them by buying a special shampoo in a pet store. During bathing, be careful not to get water in the ears, but shampoo to the eyes and nose of the animal. Try to keep the mumps in your hands tight so that it does not scratch. During bathing, try to speak kindly to the pet to calm him down. After bathing, wrap it in a towel and blow dry with a hairdryer.

In one article it is difficult to tell about all the peculiarities of care for guinea pigs. But we have outlined the main points that you need to know if you want to get this friendly pet. We hope that this information will help you make a final decision, since, for example, if you are not sure that you will be able to keep a guinea pig for the next 8 years, provide it with a decent care, do not buy this, if nice, but rather demanding pet .
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