Is it worth it for a woman to take initiative?

Many people are arguing about the initiative. If earlier everything was clear and unambiguous, now, at the time of equality of man and woman, some people do not know how to reason. And here you do not read an unambiguous answer to the question, because all people are different and with different thoughts. One man may like women initiative, others - shy.

Long since the initiative was to be shown by men. They are hunters, conquerors, conquerors. The woman had to say either "yes" or "no." Some ladies have now taken on the task of showing initiative. And almost all of them failed on this. The fact is that times change, but human instincts remain the same. If a man used to understand that a woman should not be proactive, now everything happens on an unconscious level. Men have preserved the instinct of conquest of a woman. If the lady shows this quality, then at the subconscious level is perceived as a man.

Some ladies ask this question only when they like gentlemen who do not show initiative themselves. They want to take the first step, as it is fashionable at the moment, but instinctively realize that they should not do this. There are many questions.

Why does the man not show initiative?

It's simple: he is not interested in a particular woman. If you are not conquered by someone who is interesting to you, you know, he is not interested in you. If you even take the initiative, the maximum that can happen is sexual encounters with this person. But when a man finds a lady of his heart, he will leave you without any regret.

It should be understood that when a man is interested in getting to know a woman, he takes the initiative. All this happens instinctively. We can say that the initiative on the part of a man is a sign that he likes you.

If the gentleman does not show initiative, then he is not interested. Any of your attempts to prove yourself will lead only to temporary results, which will disappear as soon as the partner has a beloved woman. The man's lack of initiative is an eloquent sign that he does not have sympathy, he is indecisive. If you want to constantly pull it for yourself, then take the initiative. Near to you there will be no man, if it lies on you. If you are ready for this, then go ahead.
  • Answer the question: what do you want from the relationship in general? Do the real relationships correspond to your desires? If not, then why build something that only you participate in?
  • Increase your self-esteem. A woman with a stable self-esteem would never have questioned the initiative of a man, because he knows who needs it, he will show himself. And those who do not show initiative are simply not its circle. You have a low self-esteem, if you think it's necessary to cling to a man who is not interested in you. It is better to work on yourself, so that the issue of partner's initiative is dropped by itself.
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