We cook for future use: meat and fish semi-finished products

In their desire to feed their family nourishingly, deliciously and diversely, the housewives are irresistible. Homemade semi-finished products from meat, poultry and fish will allow you to easily feed the whole family for a week, and if you try - then for a month.

Semi-finished products from poultry

Chicken drumsticks

Slightly salt and pepper freshly ground black pepper chicken drumsticks. Add the paprika, ketchup, French mustard and soy sauce to taste. Stir well and fold in a bag with a clip for freezing. We use it for baking in this marinade with potatoes in the oven or in a multivark.

Chicken hamstrings with dry herbs

Lightly dry the thighs on a paper towel. Add the ready seasoning for chicken frying, black freshly ground pepper, a little paprika (you can turmeric for golden color), dried greens of parsley and dill. Stir and fold everything into a bag. We use it for frying.

Chicken thighs in marinade

To cut thorns with semicircles onion (use his hands to separate the juice), salt, pepper, add ketchup and mayonnaise. Stir and package. Use for a shish kebab on a grill or in the oven.

Cutlets with cottage cheese

To the minced meat for cutlets add cottage cheese and sour cream, sliced ​​feather of green onions, parsley and dill greens, salt. Wet your hands to form cutlets and flour in flour. Put on a board for freezing.

The elbow portion of the carcass wing

Marinuem in a bowl: chicken salt, pepper, add the finely chopped garlic and mix. Mix the chilled boiled water with apple cider vinegar in a ratio of 2 to 1. Transfer the billet to a tin and pour a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar. Add the bay leaf, cover and send to the freezer. Use for roasting.

Chicken cutlets "rastrepki"

Breast fillet (you can also use other parts) cut into thin bars, add sour cream, egg, a little starch, salt, black ground pepper, garlic to taste and a pinch of curry. If desired, you can use turmeric, basil, Provencal herbs, finely chopped onions (instead of garlic).

Fry rastrepki on medium heat in a small amount of refined vegetable oil. Lay the fried to half-cookies cutlets on paper towels to remove excess fat. Finished products put in a single layer of bread and sent to freeze.

Before tasting it is enough to get the cutlets from the freezer, put them in a frying pan, pour a little water on the bottom and cover it with a lid, put it on low heat for 15-20 minutes.

Homemade sausages

Chop the chicken fillets in a blender with onions and a small amount of milk (for 500 grams of fillet - 100 ml of milk). Add egg and butter (30 g per 500 g fillet).

Salt, pepper and mix stuffing. Cut the small pieces (the size of the little finger) hard cheese - we'll put it in the middle of sausages.

We form sausages:
  • We unfold the food film with a free edge to ourselves and lay out the mincemeat all over the edge, in the middle along the entire width of the film we lay on the cheese strips of cheese.
  • We twist it, tampering a little, and cut off the film.
  • We wrap the workpiece like a candy in different directions and fasten the ends with a thread or knot. You can make threads "waist" on the entire workpiece, to make small sausages.
  • We put the sausages in a bag and freeze.
  • For cooking, it's enough to put sausages in boiling water for 25 minutes, and the meat delicacy is ready - just remove the film.

Meat semi-finished products


Torsion in the meat grinder meat, onions, turnips, add salt and pepper. Stir forcemeat. Form the balls of meatballs, laying them on a wrapped food film and a board in the freezer. You can use molds for ice.


In minced meat from the ham (as on the meatballs) add the raw well-washed rice. Well knead, beating, so that the stuffing becomes dense and the products do not fall apart during cooking. Form oval "hedgehogs", lay on a tray, on which the bag is put on and freezes.

Pork cutlets

To mince of meat and onion add a soaked in water loaf, egg, salt and pepper. Cut off the stuffing and nalopit cutlets, put on a board - and in the freezer.

Semi-finished fish products

Mackerel soup for soup

After preparing the fish and chopping the carcass with small pieces, dry with a paper towel. Spread out on the board, wrapped in a bag and everything in the freezer.

In foil bags: fish with vegetables and lemon

Make foil cups baskets. At the bottom of each put a couple of circles of onions, then cut with straws carrots and root celery, salt. Then put a slice of fish - pink salmon, salt again, pepper and top - a slice of lemon.

Instead of lemon, you can grease the fish with sour cream, cream, mayonnaise, mustard or sprinkle with grated cheese - at will and taste. The basket is in the freezer. When baking, you can add a little vegetable oil in sachets.

Frozen fish broth

Boil the broth from the head and tail of the pink salmon and add the pulp of pollock, peeled from the bones and tails of Alaska pollack. Pour into plastic cups (remaining from yogurt) or containers and freeze. Use for cooking fish soup.
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